This Drugstore Product Is A Perfect Dupe For Glossier Lidstar

The duo-chrome and holographic trend is going nowhere anytime soon, which is lucky for us since makeup brands are cranking out metallic, foil-like products left and right. And now drugstore brands are jumping into the ring, too — like NYX's new Holographic Halo Eye Tints.

One of the leading holographic shadows on the market right now are Glossier's Lidstar cream shadows, which everyone from Beyoncé, to Taraji P. Henson, to Tracee Ellis Ross, to Greta Gerwig wore on the Oscars red carpet this year to roll out its launch. With Lidstar being the brand's first eyeshadow collection, you know that they had to drop it in a big way, and what better way to catch fans' attention than having it debut on their favorite stars' eyelids? While affordable when walking down the red carpet, the $18 price tag isn't exactly on the "cheap" side when it comes to everyday life. Which is what makes this NYX dupe so exciting.

According to Teen Vogue, the new Holographic Halo Eye Tints are pretty similar to Glossier's Lidstar collection, but offered at a $7.99 price point. And for beauty lovers on a budget, that's quite the relief on the wallet.

But to be clear — they're not perfect dupes for each other. They're just really similar. The shadows are available exclusively at Ulta, which means you have to head over to that specific store in order to get your fill. No popping into Walgreens or Target to try out this dupe. Also, they come in five different colors, whereas Lidstars come in six.

The shades are "Gold Bar," which is a bright gold; "Fairy Dust," which is a light taupe; "Wild Orchid," which a lavender shade; "Galaxy Gold," which is a bronze color; and "Acid Blue," which is a periwinkle blue.

The NYX range is limited-edition, but just like the Glossier collection it offers a pearly sheen across the eyelids using pastel and metallic hues. To see how they match up, check out the comparisons below.

NYX Gold Bar, $7.99, Ulta | Glossier Herb, $18, Glossier

These aren't perfect dupes of each other, but if you want to play with a gold, foiled sheen for less, then the NYX tube is the perfect way to do it. The NYX option is more of a light gold, whereas the Glossier one is more of a smoky green color with a yellow gold pearl.

NYX Fairy Dust, $7.99, Ulta | Glossier Slip, $18, Glossier

NYX's pink version is a light taupe with a brown-nude base, and Glossier's formula is more of a sheer baby pink with a golden pearl.

NYX Wild Orchid, $7.99, Ulta | Glossier Lily, $18, Glossier

For NYX's "Wild Orchid," you get to play with a multi-chrome purple shade, which is an orchid hue mixed with blue pearls for a metallic finish. On the other hand, Glossier's "Lily" is a sheer lilac base with blue and violet pearls. While the coloring might be slightly different, they offer almost the same effect.

NYX Galaxy Glow, $7.99, Ulta | Glossier Cub, $18, Glossier

NYX's "Galaxy Glow" is a light bronze shade that swerves towards orange, and Glossier's "Cub" is a rose gold shade with a warm shimmer effect. While they're not 1:1 dupes for each other, both will both give you a metallic, dark-molten effect.

NYX Acid Blue, $7.99, Ulta | Glossier Moon, $18, Glossier

While these don't look like dupes for each other in the tube, they sort of offer the same shades. NYX's "Acid Blue" is a periwinkle blue that mixes grey-blue and purple shades together, whereas Glossier's "Moon" is a sheer cream base with a blueish opalescent glimmer, meaning it swipes on sheer and leaves blue sparkles behind. If you want more of a saturated color, then NYX would be what you're looking for, but if you just want a sheer blue shimmer, Glossier would be your guy.

If you have been salivating over Glossier's collection but can't afford the price, NYX's new Holographic Halo Eye Tints are a great way to try out the look for less — until you can afford the more mid-range line!