Glossier Sunscreen Is Coming Soon

Not to sound like an infomercial, but sunscreen can be hard sometimes. But Glossier's new sunscreen promises to solve all of our problems with the skin serum, and everyone is excited about it. Sunblock is a daily necessity in both your beauty routine and health regimen, but it can admittedly be a pain sometimes. If you use it as part of your morning moisturizing routine, it can often times turn out greasy, making you look like you skipped the shower that morning. Or if you use it when outdoors for long periods of time, it can be oily and uncomfortable, making your sweat mingle with the lotion across your face.

But Glossier is here to save us from all these mild annoyances. In an Instagram announcement, the brand posted a teaser to let their fans know they're brewing something just in time for summer. "Sunscreen is: Sticky. Heavy. Greasy. Pore clogging. Drying. Weird smelling. Chalky. Makeup interrupting," they wrote. "Not anymore." Ensue freak out. If you haven't found a formula yet that works well with your skin, then this could be potentially game changing. And it appears that many haven't — in a blog post, the company shared that sunscreen has been their number one product request since their launch.

Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen +, $34, Glossier

A link in Glossier's bio leads to a landing page that shares a little more about the secret product, and what it hints at is that this truly might be a staple for the season.

The product will be called "Invisible Shield," hinting at just how light-weight and unnoticeable it will be on your skin. "Two years in the making: sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen," Glossier shared. And it appears their research and testing was well worth it: Invisible Shield will be a clear serum you'll actually enjoy using. "It’s like water on the skin. And it smells good. And it doesn’t get in the way of any makeup you might want to apply afterward. And it blocks UVA, UVB, free radical damage, and other pollution grossness that you might come up against while trying to live your best life," Emily Weiss, beauty editor for Glossier, shared on the company's blog.

If you can't wait to get your hands on it you won't have to wait long — it will come out later this week. Get your bathroom shelf ready!