Glossier Dog Toys Now Exist To Get Your Dog On The No Makeup-Makeup Trend


Sometimes the most random brand collaborations create products you didn't know you needed. This is especially true when you look at the Glossier x BARK dog toy collaboration. The collab might feel out of left field at first, but the products are too cute to pass up.

No, Glossier hasn't released some pup-safe blush or brow gel to help your dog reach peak VSCO Girl vibes. Instead, starting Sept. 6, you can buy your dog two chew toys in the shape of some of Glossier's best selling products. Specifically, you can get your dog a squeaky version of Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom.

But since these beauty staples are for a pupper, they are now called Toy Brow ($10) and Balm Dogcom ($8). That's not all. BARK wants your dog to have an authentic experience with your favorite cult beauty brand, so the Toy Brow actually opens to reveal a wand applicator just like your own Boy Brow. This gives your pet a chance to pull the toy apart, and have the wand free to get into whatever shenanigans they want. On top of that, the brow tube looks surprisingly similar to the original brow product. It comes in a white tube with the Glossier logo, has a silver cap, and the wand has fuzzy white bristles.

The Balm Dogcom looks exactly like Glossier's tube of balm. It even has the text you find on a normal tube, like "Universal Skin Salve" and the weight measurements.


You might be wondering how these two brands even crossed paths in the first place. It's not like the no makeup-makeup world intersects with pet care very often. As it turns out, the two brands are headquartered so close to each other in Manhattan that they decided to research the possibility of a partnership.


"We’re dog-obsessed at Glossier and love welcoming pups to our physical retail experiences," a representative of Glossier tells Bustle. "BARK’s offices are right around the corner from our NYC flagship and, after noticing what a popular and dog-friendly destination Glossier is, they were inspired to create two toys that pay homage to our bestselling Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom."


It was also an overlap of followers and customers that got the two brands thinking. Apparently the people who buy Boy Brow and get ready with Cloud Paint are also the same people who buy Snoot Scoops Ice Cream and Dog Ness Monster chew toys.

"We've seen overlap between Glossier's customers and our obsessed customers," BARK's Director of Merchandising Kate Pobuda told Cosmo.


BARK wanted to give pets a makeup routine like their owners have, but all from a "dog's eye view," as Pobuda explained.

You can only imagine the cute Instagram photos you can get from this collaboration. The collection will be sold while supplies last at Glossier's New York and LA retail locations. If you don't live in either of those cities, you can also get the products on Introduce your pup to the world of Glossier, and you will find they will never want to go back.