A Glossier Pop-Up Shop Is Coming To This Major UK City In Autumn

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Any news to do with Glossier brings beauty fans to their knees. And so the latest update that a Glossier pop up shop is coming to London may just bowl UK fans over completely. Yep, that's right, a real life bricks and mortar Glossier shop is coming reaaaal soon, and it's the second to hit this side of the Atlantic. While shopping online gives British fans a taste of the phenomenally popular brand, there's nothing quite like having a trying out the gloriously blendable Cloud Paint, the Glossier Play colourful eyeliners and of course, the brand new Berry Balm Dotcom IRL. Here's everything you need to know about the new store.

While the details of the pop up are rather thin on the ground, Emily Weiss, founder of the brand, officially confirmed the news with The Financial Times, noting that the store will be opening in Autumn. No other location or specific date were revealed though.

Speaking about her desire to expand Glossier globally even further, Weiss explained: "Roughly 50 per cent of our followers are international and so we’re trying to get our products into our followers’ hands as quickly as we can."

However, she also acknowledged that her brand was still having a mass impact online: "Beauty is moving online and that is just a fact," continued Weiss. "It’s moved online already from a social media perspective and then from a purchasing perspective we really believe that the best place to discover and shop for beauty is on the internet."

Weiss however did not reveal any details in terms of what the brand will be doing next, aside from the new London pop up.

The last time Glossier had a pop-up this side of the pond was in November 2017, when the brand became available to British consumers. The pop-up was held in a townhouse in Marylebone and lasted for just eight days. Fans were able to trial all Glossier products, speak to the iconic pink boiler suit-clad team, and purchase their favourites.

Since then, the brand has evolved in a number of ways, most notably through their appreciation of a more sustainable approach. This includes their new minimal packaging option which skips their iconic pink bubble wrap pouches.

Speaking to The Financial Times, Weiss explained: "The conversation around sustainability even four years ago, when we first launched, was one per cent of what it is today, so it's great news."

She continued, explaining Glossier's new approach:

"One of the first things our community wanted was a limited-packaging option, which we just recently released. Upon launch, about 20 per cent of our orders opted for that. I'm really excited to see people having this focus and intention."

I, for one, cannot wait to see what the upcoming pop-up has to offer come Autumn. Glossier is the kind of brand that is great to shop online for, but IRL, you can get much more of a feel for the products, ethos, and team behind it. Roll on Autumn!