This New Sheet Mask Is So Transparent You Can't Even Tell You're Wearing One

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

Sheet masks come many colors, formulas, and styles. Even the packaging factors in, featuring cute animals or kitschy graphics. Some face masks are made of lace. Others are rubberized. This skin care trend is totally Instagrammable and has created such a culture. Glow Recipe just teased a new, clear sheet mask that's unlike any you've seen flooding your Insta feed — literally. Since the sheet mask is clear and mimics the "glass skin" trend, you can barely see it.

Glow Recipe co-founder Sarah Lee has posted a few shots of herself wearing the see-through sheet mask on her Insta. That's not unusual for her. Her must-follow feed is packed with shots of her test-driving new sheet masks during all sorts of activities — while traveling on planes, sitting in cars, during a blowout, etc.

The invisible mask is totally 'Gram worthy, thanks to the glossy sheen it adds to the face. Since the glass skin look itself is also thoroughly 'Grammable, the lovely Lee hits on two trends at once. As Allure notes, the clear mask is almost translucent.

Yes, there are plenty of simple, gimmick-free sheet masks that seem somewhat basic when compared to the glitter, gold, or charcoal versions. However, the clear mask is anything but bland.

Lee dubbed the clear mask "Face Gloss" in her caption. It's incredibly unique and you will find yourself unable to stop looking at it. Yes, Lee is absolutely stunning. She has great skin, since she takes such good care of it. That's something we see daily on her feed, as she is constantly testing the latest and greatest in skin care. Lee is always ISO that glorious glow and usually finds it.

One user noted that it didn't even look like a mask. As long as it smoothes, softens, and pampers skin, that's really all that matters, right?!

But the see-through sheet mask is positively magnetic. There's a dewy glow and then there is this. It looks like the ultimate in hydration.

Users were quick to respond. Many commenters loved the glow and the invisible vibe. Others were inquiring about what specific mask Lee was using. While Lee was communicative and responsive, she didn't share details and simply stated that it's one she is trying out. She didn't reveal the brand, the name, or the properties. That's totally fine, since it appears that she is testing its efficacy IRL. It could eventually be available for purchase via Glow Recipe in the coming months if it passes "The Sarah Lee Test."

Lee's test shots were super effective for multiple reasons. First, they should have you jonesing to get your hands on a clear sheet mask. Second, they should inspire you to pop by your local CVS after work or school to stock up on some new sheet masks from The Creme Shop or The Masque Bar.

That said, Lee did recommend a similar and available version to Allure for those of you that want to try the clear, glass-look mask ASAP. There are plenty of other sheet mask options at Glow Recipe, too.

Sheet mask fans should expect additional see-through versions to flood their Insta feeds in the coming weeks as this trend picks up steam.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

Be patient as we wait and see if Glow Recipe starts selling the version Lee has been testing. It could feature different ingredients and target an entirely different set of skin concerns than the Whamisa version.

That's the best thing about sheet masks — there are many choices for all!