This New Site Connects You With Adoptable Pups — And Prioritizes Their Safety In The Process

Good Dog

A dog is truly and honestly the best friend you could ever have. Whether you're an expert pet owner or haven't yet gotten the chance to adopt a four-legged bundle of cuteness of your own, I think it's safe to say that we can all agree that dogs are adorable, cherished, and super fun additions to any family. The process of getting a dog, though, is harder than you might think: It takes a fair amount of research on everything from deciding which breed of pup you want to picking out the ideal breeder or shelter to get your newest pet from. If you've recently decided to get a dog, you're in luck. There's a brand new resource that makes finding highly vetted and responsible sources for your new pet super easy: meet a new site called Good Dog.

The dog industry is a giant one, and difficult to navigate. According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs end up in shelters each year, in need of adoptive homes. And according to the Humane Society, there are still 10,000 puppy mills active in the U.S. — and unfortunately, without adequate regulations put in place, dogs' safety and wellbeing isn't always prioritized.

Good Dog aims to help owners find sources for new pets that are healthy, humane, and trusted among the community. Once you're on their super user-friendly site, you can simply select whether you're starting your search with breeders or shelters & rescues, and then enter the breed you'd like to find. Then, you'll see tons of useful, detailed information on the characteristics of the breed and you'll be able to toggle your location and transportation preferences in order to see the options that are best for or closest to you.

“As the process of getting a dog moves increasingly online, it’s becoming easier for puppy mills and other disreputable sources to pass themselves off as trustworthy and reliable," said Josh Wais, co-founder and CEO of Good Dog, in a press release. "At Good Dog, we help connect prospective dog owners with only reputable, vetted breeders, shelters or rescues, so that each dog has the best chance of a healthy, well-adjusted life."

The benefits of using Good Dog don't stop there. If you're looking for personalized information on a certain breed, you can get in touch with one of the breed's experts at Good Dog for recommendations and tailored advice. It also has extensive resources on how to go about safe delivery when transporting your new puppy home, from everything to flight nannies to pet air cargo information.

Not sure exactly which breed is for you? Good Dog also has helpful suggestions on which types of dogs are good with families, great for allergy sufferers, the best cuddlers, and more. Using Good Dog means that you'll have access to high quality resources: "We screen every member of our community for quality and make their practices transparent," the website explains, outlining their emphasis on the health, behavior, and dog welfare standards at various breeders or shelters. Getting a dog will hands down be the beginning of an exciting and adorable new chapter in your life — but it's also a huge commitment. Check out Good Dog for some expert guidance and resources if you're looking to take that next step.