'Good Morning America' Has A New Website, And It’s So, So Good

You know that feeling when you finish watching your favorite TV show, but you still want more? When you've rewatched old episodes and previewed upcoming ones, but there's still a TV-shaped hole in your heart that desperately needs to be filled?

Well, we've got some good news for you if one of your favorite shows happens to be ABC's Good Morning America. Good Morning America just launched a new lifestyle website, so you'll no longer have to say goodbye to GMA when the credits roll.

Here's the deal with the site: It's NOT just the TV show in website form (although that would be pretty amazing, TBH). It's a roundup of stories covering every topic from entertainment to health and wellness to food and travel. Stories like:

Doctor shares myth-busting truths about breast cancer

Ultimate guacamole recipes just in time for Cinco de Mayo

I became a mermaid for a day and it was magical

7 resume tips to help you land that dream job

How to have a weekend for two in NYC for less than $500

And bonus: The site includes the types of human interest stories that made us fall in love with GMA in the first place. Um, yes, please!

We're of the belief that it's high time to stop the madness of having a million tabs open at once, and driving yourself crazy switching between your go-to sources for news, celeb gossip, workout tips, and recipe inspo. Thankfully, this new GMA website will be a one-stop shop for all the article and video content you crave, which means it's one way to start simplifying your life (which, let's be real, you've probably been meaning to do forever).

And if you don't have a schedule that allows you browse all day to your heart's content, don't despair. Good Morning America also launched a newsletter — "GMA Wake-Up" — that's chock full of the day's top headlines and exclusive content, so all it takes to stay informed is a refresh of the ol' inbox.

BRB, subscribing ourselves and everyone we know.

OK, so you've subscribed to the newsletter and consumed all the content that's physically possibly for a human being to consume. What now? Obviously you need somewhere to dish about all the latest headlines with other GMA-obsessives.

Enter "We Are GMA," the new Facebook community where you can share and discuss all things GMA, and yes, where you can connect with other GMA superfans.

Now that we've gotten over our initial elation, it's time to settle in and start living our best lives with a little help from Good Morning America.

Do yourself a favor and check out what's good today and every day on GoodMorningAmerica.com.

You can thank us later.

This post is sponsored by Good Morning America.