'Grace & Frankie' Season 3 Dropped Some Cliffhangers

by Caroline Gerdes
Melissa Moseley/Netflix

The third season of Grace And Frankie hit Netflix in full on March 24, so you're probably done with all 13 episodes by now. And you know that the final hours of the season is full of cliffhangers that have left fans reeling. With so many loose ends left untied in the Season 3 finale, you may be anxious to know if the series is coming back. Netflix has consistently shown support of the series, and Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin said they're game for more episodes in an IndieWire interview. So a Grace And Frankie Season 4 renewal seems likely. And that's good news, considering the doors that Season 3 left open. A hypothetical Grace And Frankie Season 4 has to answer many questions. (Spoilers for Season 3 of Grace And Frankie below!)

Even though a renewal seems almost in the bag, there's definitely a wait in store. About a year went by between Seasons 1 and 2 of Grace And Frankie, and about 11 months between Seasons 2 and 3. If waiting a whole year to get some answers leaves you unsettled, you're not alone. Luckily, none of your favorite characters were left in dire situations, but the show left them all facing big questions or challenges. Here's where the Grace And Frankie gang stand at the end of Season 3.


Melissa Moseley/Netflix

Frankie suffers a scary medical event, making her story arc in the last couple of episodes pretty bleak. She's not in immediate danger, but with all of this new baggage, Frankie is still facing a big decision. Will she move to New Mexico or will she stay in the beach house with Grace? At the end of the season, Grace gives Frankie her blessing to relocate. While this could lead to a story arc in Santa Fe, I doubt Frankie will permanently take the leap — not yet anyway.


Tyler Golden/Netflix

In the last few episodes of the season, Grace and Frankie threaten to sue a company copying their vibrators. But things don't go as planned, and the women face a lawsuit from the copycat company. Peter Gallagher's CEO character, Nick, offers to drop the suit in exchange for a date with Grace. She tentatively accepts on her own terms. There is sort of a will-they-won't-they dynamic between the two. And though Peter and Grace were at odds once, I'm hoping they will — at least for a little while.


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Bud and his girlfriend Allison find out that Allison is pregnant. However, the couple doesn't seem very excited about it. In fact, it is unclear whether or not they are going to have the baby or even stay together.

Sol & Robert

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When they face a bigoted heckler at Robert's play, Sol and Robert realize that they haven't been fighting for their own rights. Having been in the closet when they were younger, they didn't participate in the LGBT movement like other gay men their age. The season ends with a scene where the men get arrested by the world's nicest cop while protesting an anti-gay business. It doesn't seem like Grace And Frankie's style for the men to have made a dangerous enemy in the heckler and business owner, but things are not cleared up either.


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Brianna was always happy to be single. But after losing her boyfriend Barry, she spends the season reflecting on this breakup and her choices. She decides to go to Baltimore to try to reconcile with him. While Brianna is growing personally, she can't exactly stay on the east coast. I mean, she's the CEO of a successful San Diego company. So, Brianna will likely be back next season. But will Barry?


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Mallory is not happy in Season 3. She has four kids and a husband who thinks watching them is babysitting. When the couple has the opportunity to go away together, they realize they don't want to. Counseling is not working, so Mallory reveals to her father in the finale that she asked Mitch for a separation. She grapples with the idea of parenting alone and the fears of what divorce could do to their children, like many parents would. But, in the end, she can't repair her marriage and makes a tough decision.


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Coyote grew up this season. Sort of. He moved out of Bud's house and into his own tiny house on Mallory's lawn. He also met a woman in an addiction support group, and they're moving slowly and staying on the wagon. While Coyote has made strides this season, I am a little curious to see what happens when Mallory is single and Coyote is still on the front lawn. Could they be endgame after all?

Grace And Frankie should be back with more episodes in 2018, resolving these issues and adding plenty of new complications to the lives of its lovable characters.