You Probably Missed Greta Gerwig's Hilarious Cameo On 'SNL'

Alison Hale/NBC

Currently, Saoirse Ronan is earning much critical acclaim for her starring role in the film Lady Bird, directed by Greta Gerwig. Ronan hosted Saturday Night Live on Dec. 2 and her director joined her for a moment. That's right — Greta Gerwig made a cameo on SNL alongside Ronan and Twitter was delighted to see the actor and director on the NBC sketch comedy series. The cameo occurred in a taped sketch that parodied '80s movies like Working Girl and Gerwig donned a wig from the era, playing an office manager.

The parody truly matched the beloved decade, taking place in an old-fashioned office. The performers dressed in '80s business wear, and the sketch's score was complete with '80s synths and beats. The parody centered around one man's journey to become the fastest runner in his office amid competition from another fast-running co-worker. While it's a funny concept, you'll be totally distracted once you realize Gerwig is making a special appearance in the show. At first, you may have thought it was another female SNL cast member in that wig, but nope, it was Gerwig, and she was as awesome as she usually is. Her office manager character keeps order in the workplace and even announces when one of the other workers is deemed to be a ghost. There's even a race between the colleagues to see who is the fatest of them all.

It's a quirky sketch — which also includes Mac from the 1988 movie Mac & Me — but Gerwig fit seamlessly into the SNL fold.

Gerwig has received critical acclaim for her performances as an actor in films like Frances Ha, Mistress America, and 20th Century Women. Lady Bird is her feature directorial debut and the film is currently in theaters. Gerwig has not yet been a guest host on SNL, but once Twitter was clamoring for her to do so once fans noticed her cameo.

Other Twitter users were wondering if their eyes were deceiving them and they asked if that was really Gerwig in the sketch.

Most fans, though, expressed their excitement at seeing the actor and director on-screen with many exclamation points and all-caps tweets. So exciting.

Lots of Twitter fans felt that Gerwig's cameo was the '80s-themed sketch's true highlight and also expressed their excitement at spotting her cameo.

It's definitely cool that Gerwig made a cameo on SNL, essentially reuniting her with Lady Bird actor Ronan on the NBC series. The Dec. 2 episode had Ronan take on several different characters in sketches about sexual harassment (the too-true song and music video "Welcome To Hell"), returning items to stores, an annoying new high school student, an MTV Floribama Shores parody, an emergency at the American Girl store, and a bachelor auction (which included a cameo by tennis legend John McEnroe). In her opening monologue, Ronan sang a catchy, but complex song about how to pronounce her name, which is Irish. The Irish band U2 was the musical guest for the Saturday night's episode.

But movie audiences have been captivated the most by Ronan's Lady Bird character, Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson — a role for which Ronan is receiving early Oscar buzz. Gerwig also wrote the screenplay for the hit film and she's getting a lot of Oscar buzz for her screenwriting and her direction of the movie.

Check out Gerwig's cameo in the video below and see if you can spot her cameo.

Perhaps one day Gerwig could host SNL one day — and based on this cameo, she'd definitely be a pro at it in even the wackiest of sketches.