12 Groundhog Day Memes For 2017

by Chelsey Grasso

Curious if the winter will be lasting an extra six weeks this year? As these 12 Groundhog Day memes for 2017 make light of, groundhogs are just as curious. You have to admit, it's kind of ridiculous to base your country's future weather patterns on whether or not a rodent's shadow shows up on the second day of February, but hey, why not just roll with it? It's all in good fun. These 12 Groundhog Day memes will help to lighten your spirits this February 2nd as the internet blabbers on and on about Groundhog Day.

Most of us are probably hoping for a shorter winter season, which means you should have your fingers crossed that the groundhog's shadow doesn't scare him. If his shadow shows up and does scare him? Bundle up! Winter's sticking around.

This roundup of hilarious memes covers all sorts of ground (hah! get it?), from how depressing it is to experience six extra weeks of winter to how bizarre of a holiday Groundhog Day actually is (I mean, pause for a moment and think about it, will you?). While the tradition may be silly, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a good laugh or two at its expense.

Brace yourself? More like, get excited!

Yeah, I really can't think of any others that even come close.

Even the groundhogs don't understand it.

For once, I agree with you Grumpy Cat.

Say it ain't so!

Winter is already here... but can't it end yet?

... and your Twitter, and your Instagram, and your Snapchat.

Well, they do fall pretty close in the calendar year.


You have to of seen the movie...

Don't we all?

It's a tricky one, for sure.