Grubhub & Venmo’s New Partnership Will Let You Split Food Delivery Bills BEFORE You Order

If ordering delivery food with a big group of friends stresses you out because it typically means that you have to put the big order on your card and then chase your friends around for their share of the bill, the executives at Grubhub have heard you — and they're doing something about it. Now, thanks to a new Grubhub and Venmo partnership, you can now split your food delivery bill with the help of your Grubhub, Seamless, or Eat24 app (the latter two apps are owned by Grubhub, FYI), right after you order your food. Can you say game-changer?

The nation's number one online and mobile takeout food-ordering service has always had a flexible check out system, allowing customers to pay with a credit card, Apple Pay, link to a PayPal account, or pay cash upon delivery. But never before was there any option to break down the bill by order. With the new feature, each diner can pay for their share as the delivery is finalized. Not only does this new feature make ordering with big groups easier, but it also makes it more enticing. Instead of stressing your friends out with a potluck dinner, you can just order fresh food together without any of the financial complications. You can have an impromptu "dinner party" any time now!

According to Grubhub, over 60 percent of their food orders come in from mobile phones, so partnering with Venmo, a money sending app that's popular for mobile phones, was a no-brainer. And according to Venmo, food is the most popular item that users are transferring money for, with the pizza emoji taking the pie for the most commonly used explanation of funds. So really, this app partnership is a match made in foodie heaven. I'm honestly surprised that they didn't come together sooner. Grubhub was created to make ordering take out food easier, while Venmo was created to make transferring money easier — and together they make ordering and paying for food incredibly simple. Now you don't even have to say a word to your friends about paying for their share of the bill, you can simply Venmo request them and lead the entire transaction without words.

Here's how to utilize the new feature:

Set Up Venmo

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Grubhub splits the bill with the help of Venmo, so you'll need to download the app and set up your own account if you haven't already. All of your diners that you'd like to split the bill with will also have to have Venmo. Once you're all set up, Grubhub will give you the option to use your Venmo balance or linked bank card to pay for your share, and request shares from your fellow diners.

Place An Order

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You don't have to be scared to be in charge of placing the order anymore. Now when you check out, you'll get a prompt notification that reads "Ordering with friends? Use Venmo to split the bill." While of course you can always cover the bill by yourself, or split it between only a few diners, you do have the option to break it down, order by order. Whatever works best for you! I imagine some people will still opt to cover the bill themselves as collect payment in cash from friends, or trade off on ordering in the future.

Split The Charge


Once the order is placed with Venmo on the Grubhub, Seamless and Eat24 mobile apps, diners will receive a notification of the payment from Venmo. There, they can easily click into the Venmo app to split the payment among their friends and choose whether or not to share it in their Venmo feed.