"Guacamole Cheese" Is A Thing Now & Nachos Will Never Be The Same

by Lia Beck
The Fresh Market

Upon hearing the words "guacamole cheese" you might picture shredded cheese mixed with guacamole or perhaps some sort of fried cheese stick filled with guacamole. But — at least in this case — both of those are wrong. As reported by Delish, The Fresh Market is selling guacamole cheese: a cheese that tastes like guacamole.

Now, the thing that could turn some people off from cheese that tastes like guacamole (because I think we can pretty much all agree that cheese and guacamole are both good) is the way it looks. Its appearance brings to mind that green face emoji that's about to puke. The cheese is a very peculiar dull green with red flecks and a darker green rind. If you didn't know what this was supposed to be, it would be even more disturbing.

But, since we do know what it is, what's in it? According to Delish, the guacamole cheese is gouda cheese blended with avocado, chili, lime juice, onion, tomato, and garlic. A rep for The Fresh Market told Delish that the cheese "has a smooth texture and rich creamy guacamole taste." As noted by Cooking Light, the cheese is made by Daily Dairy Holland and their website describes it as "a unique 50% full fat cow milk Dutch cheese with herbs available in wheels and pieces."

The Fresh Market

The cheese will go on sale Wednesday, May 1 for a limited time. As for the cost, it will be $24.99/lb, so a full wheel might not be in the cards and this could be something to try just a little taste of. Or, I don't know your life. Maybe you want to go wild and buy a full pound. If you want to try the cheese, you can find a Fresh Market location near you by clicking here.

Guacamole cheese isn't the only surprising cheese mashup to happen as of late. There's cheese x royal baby (not the official name, but it should be) going down at Whole Foods. When the royal baby is born, the grocery store chain will release Royal Addition Cheese, which is Westminster Royal Mark red cheddar cheese. "Cheddar is one of the most popular cheeses in both the U.K. and the U.S. and this rustic English cheese embodies the cultures of both the Duke and Duchess — just like the royal baby!" Whole Foods explains. "In addition, the Royal Mark cheese uses tropical fruit pulp annatto to give the cheese a unique, vibrant orange hue, to match Prince Harry’s signature hair."

Whole Foods

And, there's something for cheese lovers who are also in love: a cheese wedding cake. While cheese wedding cakes (wheels of cheese stacked on top of each other to form a cake) are now sold at various locations, Costco is currently selling one for $440. It might sound pricey, but at 24 lbs. it works out to $18/lb — that's less than the guacamole cheese. And also way more cheese. Like, enough for 105-150 people.

Whether you're getting married, celebrating summertime, or looking forward to the royal baby, there's a cheese for us all. Some of them just happen to be an unsettling shade of green.