Guys, When We Say These 40 Best-Sellers On Amazon Are Worth It, We Mean It

There's a handful of people at Bustle known as the commerce team, and it's essentially our life's work to shop. (I know, I know, don't be jealous.) We spend hours combing through products on Amazon, reading reviews, checking ratings, making comparisons, trying out as many of the products as we can, and then finally relaying our findings to you, our dear reader. And that's exactly what we've done with these best-sellers on Amazon — so you can believe us when we say that these products are totally worth it.

By highlighting these awesome products, our team is hoping we can make shopping a little more stress-free for you. After all, we all know what it's like to take a gamble on a product only to find out it's not exactly all it's cracked up to be. We've taken a lot of the guesswork out of that, and compiled a list of some of our very favorite products — that will probably become yours, too.

So go ahead and browse through these best-selling goodies. We can't wait for you to get your hands on them (thank goodness for two-day shipping), so you can be as excited about them as we are.


An Electric Scrubber That Deep Cleans Your House For You

If you give up on deep-cleaning your house just because your hand gets tired from scrubbing (we get it), put this electric scrubber to use instead. It looks a lot like an extra-big electric toothbrush, and features a spinning head that cleans surfaces way more effectively than if you just used a regular old brush or sponge — because it oscillates 60 times a second. One of our editors says, "This gets the grout cleaner on my tile than I've ever seen it. It's like brand-new. Also fun to use." Use this to clean tile, grout, sinks, kitchen fixtures, showers, bathtubs, and even the wheels on your car.


A Bentonite Clay Mask For Smoother, Less Oily Skin

It seems there's a new, trendy face mask every time you turn around. And while many of them are great, there's a reason this calcium bentonite clay mask has stood the test of time. Bentonite clay essentially acts as a magnet that sucks up dirt, oil, and impurities from your pores — leaving you with smoother, clearer skin. And because each jar comes with 1-pound of clay (that you mix with water or apple cider vinegar), you won't run out anytime soon. Use it on your face, chest, hair, or anywhere you experience acne or oiliness.


This Weighted Blanket That Helps Ease Feelings Of Anxiety

Overcome with a feeling of anxiety every time it's lights out?Skip your regular comforter and tuck into bed with this anxiety blanket instead. The weighted blanket cocoons your body, promoting feelings of security and wellbeing, so you get a good night's sleep. This blanket features seven breathable layers, and is filled with glass beads that are sewn into individual pockets, so they won't slide around and all end up on one side of the blanket when you shift positions.


A Hair Brush With Two Kinds Of Bristles To Detangle And Add Shine

Can a simple hair brush majorly improve the condition of your hair? In the case of this paddle brush — yes. The brush is made with a combination of two types of bristles: IntelliFlex bristles, which help detangle hair without tugging or pulling (i.e., less breakage), and natural boar bristles, which reduce frizz while adding softness and shine. It's suitable for all hair types, and one of our editors says it doesn't pull on her curls.


An Over-The-Sink Drying Rack So You Can Free Up Counter Space

A countertop dish-drying rack takes up significant space, which is why we love this over-the-sink dish drying rack so much. Made from rust-resistant, silicone-coated steel, the rack fits right over your sink, so you can let glasses, plates, pans, and utensils drip-dry without sacrificing counter space. It's BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and also doubles as a trivet for hot pots and pans. And when you're not using it, the rack rolls up small, so you can store it in a drawer.


These Compression Socks That Reduce Swelling And Muscle Fatigue

Listen up, long-distance runners, cyclists, skiers, and other sports aficionados — these compression socks are for you. Offering compression for the heels, toes, feet, and calves, the socks work to boost circulation, reduce swelling, absorb shock, increase muscle stamina, and prevent fatigue: so you can keep going long after you hit that 5-mile mark. They're also moisture-wicking, and won't lose their compression capabilities when you wash them. Not an athlete? Use these on long flights to prevent swelling too.


These Reusable And Eco-Friendly Food Storage Bags

The Bustle commerce team is always on the hunt for eco-friendly products, so this set of reusable food storage bags ranks high on our list of must-haves. (Goodbye, one-use plastic.) The BPA-free bags are washable, and feature air-tight, leakproof zippers that seal in your sandwiches, chips, nuts, and veggies. Each set comes with eight bags — four sandwich-sized and four snack-sized. Oh, and — since you can use them again and again, they save you big money in the long run.


A Wrap-Around Travel Pillow For Superior Neck Support

One of our editors raves about this travel pillow: "I used this on my 11-hour flight to Hawaii. It actually made sleeping on a plane... kind of nice!" (Now you're daydreaming about Hawaii, aren't you?) The fleece pillow wraps around your neck and features a built-in support that keeps your head from tilting to far to one side, or from nodding forward while you catch some zzz's. The cushion-y pillow is a less bulky than other travel pillows, and can hook onto the strap of your carry-on luggage. Choose from black, gray, coral, or red.


These Yoga Pants With A Pocket For Your Phone And Keys

The most genius feature of these yoga pants? The side pocket where you can store your phone, credit card, or keys — perfect for those long jogs. The moisture-wicking pants also feature four-way stretch, so they won't suddenly become transparent when you're doing downward dog in your hot yoga class. The high-waisted pants come come in both ankle-length and calf-length styles: and dozens of colors, like charcoal, lavender, and olive.


This Water Bottle That Keeps Beverages Cold For 36 Hours

The makers of this water bottle call it "the coldest water bottle" for a reason — it keeps beverages at polar temperatures for up to 36 hours. This is great for those of us who leave our water bottles in the car on hot days and are left with, well, warm water. (No thanks.) Made from double-walled, vacuum-sealed stainless steel, the BPA-free bottle features a leak-proof screw-top lid and a handle for easy carrying. The water bottle even floats, so you can take it in the pool without fear of it sinking.


A Hydrating Skin Repair Cream Made From Neem Leaf Extract

Ayurvedic medicine practitioners have revered the neem tree for its powerful skin-healing properties for thousands of years, and one of our editors swears by it too, saying, "This cream is super nourishing and gentle enough for more sensitive, acne-prone skin. On top of that — the texture is just right — not too heavy or greasy!" This antioxidant-rich neem cream is formulated with certified organic neem oil, neem leaf extract, and jojoba oil, all of which work together to deeply hydrate dry, damaged skin.


This Silk Pillowcase That Won't Damage Your Hair Like Other Fabrics Can

A silk pillowcase is easily one of the best beauty investments out there. Cotton pillowcases can catch on your hair and lead to breakage (especially if it's dyed or chemically-treated), but the slippery texture of silk lets your hair slide around as you toss and turn without frizzing up. Also unlike cotton, it won't absorb your skin's oils and then deposit that oil back on your skin the next time you sleep on it. (Fewer breakouts!) Choose from 34 colors and patterns.


These Spiral Hair Ties That Are Gentle On Hair

We've all pulled out a hair elastic only to find a good number of hair strands have been pulled out with it. These spiral-shaped hair ties, though, are about to make that a thing of the past. Unlike elastics, these ties won't grip your hair too tightly, and they'll also come out of your hair without tugging or knotting. So if you're looking for ties that won't cause breakage or pulling, these are your new go-to.


A Water-Purifying Pitcher Made From Plant-Based Materials

I love the modern design of this water filter pitcher, but I'm also digging the next-level freshness it gives to water straight out of the faucet. The pitcher removes chlorine, mercury, and copper, for a glass of water that tastes cleaner and purer. The BPA-free, shatter-proof pitcher is made from 60 percent plant-based and renewable materials, and features a handle made from sustainable white oak. And you don't have to lift the lid to fill it — the top features a dip-down door that automatically opens with the water pressure from your faucet.


A Damage Repairing Shampoo That Strengthens The Bonds Of Your Hair

Dying, heat-styling, chemical treatments — there's so much that can wreak havoc on hair. This hair repair shampoo, though, is a bonafide all-star that actually works to restore life to your tresses. Formulated by a team of chemists and industry experts, the shampoo repairs the bonds within your hair, leaving it stronger and more resistant to frizz and breakage, while giving your mane a good dose of moisture and shine. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types, and users rave about the results, writing "it's the best shampoo ever," and "I wish I was told about this product years ago".


These Silicone Rings That Help You Make Perfect Fried Eggs

Want to make better fried eggs? Use these ingenious silicone egg rings. Simply place them on the bottom of your pan and crack an egg in each one. When they're done cooking, lift up with the stainless steel handle, and you'll be left with perfectly round fried eggs — great for fast food-style breakfast sandwiches. The handles fold down for easy storage, and the rings are non-stick and dishwasher-safe. Use these to make silver dollar pancakes too.


These Citronella Bracelets That Keep The Mosquitos Away

Mosquitoes can really put a damper on your summer cookout or camping trip, but you can keep those annoying bugs at bay with the help of these mosquito repellent bracelets. The bracelets are infused with citronella essential oil, and work to keep the pesky critters away for up to 420 hours — without the use of potentially toxic chemicals. The spiral design of the bracelets make them extra-stretchy, so they'll fit wrists of all sizes. An editor on our commerce team swears that after wearing these bracelets, she had "no bug bites after a swamp tour in New Orleans." Pretty impressive.


A Citrus Juicer With A Built-In Measuring Cup

You don't really need to go to the trouble of hauling out (and cleaning) your fancy juicer just for a glass of orange juice in the morning when you can use this simple, dishwasher-safe citrus juicer instead. The juicer features a spout for easy pouring, a tray that catches seeds, and a dome that doubles as a measuring cup. The juicer is also perfect for recipes that call for a little lemon or lime squeeze.


These Acne Patches That Speed Up Healing Time

Thanks to these acne patches, there is a way to speed up pimple healing time once you've broken out. Made from hydrocolloid dressing, the patches absorb oil and impurities, while protecting blemishes from dirt and irritants that might cause further infection. Each 24 pack comes with patches of three sizes, so you can tackle breakouts both big and small.


The Instant Pot Is Seven Kitchen Appliances In One

The Instant Pot is one of those kitchen gadgets that will totally transform the way you cook. It's literally seven kitchen appliances in one — performing as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt marker and food warmer. You can program the cooker to turn on at a certain time, so that dinner is ready when you come home from work, and when you're all done — you can stick the inner pot, lid, and steam rack in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.


This Facial Cleansing Brush For A Smoother, Brighter Complexion

This facial cleansing brush will cleanse and soften your skin — all while boosting circulation, which can help brighten your complexion. The waterproof, spinning brush comes with three heads: a soft brush for gentle cleansing, an exfoliating brush to slough away dead skin cells, and a silicone brush for dry or sensitive skin. The battery-powered brush features two speed settings so you can tailor your cleansing and exfoliating session to meet your needs.


This Rose Petal Toner That pH Balances Your Skin

Thayer's herbal-based skincare products have been around for generations, and their staying power is evidence of their next-level quality. This toner is formulated with three skin-conditioning ingredients: witch hazel to soothe and tighten pores, vitamin-rich aloe to moisturize and reduce redness, and steam-distilled rose petals to add a dewy glow to your complexion. The toner is also pH-balanced which keeps oil build-up at bay without stripping your skin and drying it out.


This Strainer That Clips Onto The Rim Of Your Pot

Unless you have three hands, draining a pot of pasta or vegetables can get messy real fast. (Read: half that pasta ends up all over your sink instead of in the strainer.) If you don't have three hands, use this snap-on strainer. It clips to the rim of the pot so you can use both hands to tip over and strain. The durable, BPA-free strainer is dishwasher-safe and comes in red and green color options.


An Acupressure Mat And Pillow For Fast Relief

This acupressure mat and pillow is an amazing alternative to daily acupuncture sessions. The mat and pillow boast 6,210 acupressure points — lie flat on them for 20 minutes a day to relieve muscle pain, stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, prevent headaches, decrease feelings of stress, and improve sleep. This grateful reviewer writes: "I feel like I've had a back rub after 20 to 30 minutes of being on the mat and neck bolster. Highly recommended if you need very deep tissue massage for injured areas. You will feel the benefits the next day because damaged tissues are showing some signs of life!"


A De-Shedding Tool So Your Dog's Fur Doesn't End Up Everywhere

You might love your best friend, but you might not be wild about the abundance of fur your best friend leaves all over the sofa and rug. Use the Furminator to keep it all in check. Just run the tool across your dog's fur, and the row of teeth will remove any loose hair from your dog's undercoat... so that it never gets a chance to end up on the couch at all. Then, just press the button to release all that fur directly into the trash.


A Gel Moisturizer That Locks In Hydration

Want a powerful but lightweight moisturizer without putting a big dent in your wallet? Try out this hyaluronic acid moisturizer by Neutrogena. Hyaluronic acid magically helps your skin absorb and retain water, which helps prevent the moisture loss that can lead to dryness and flakiness. This gel formula sinks deeply into skin, and also works to strengthen your skin barrier so that it's more resistant to pollutants and irritants. The moisturizer is oil-free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic.


These Sponges That Change Texture Depending On The Water Temperature

There are good sponges and there are great sponges, and these sponges by Scrub Daddy fit into the latter category. The cleverly-designed sponges respond to water temperature — for gentle scrubbing, soak them in warm water, and for coarser scrubbing, soak them in cool water. The odor-resistant sponges won't scratch delicate surfaces: and when you're done scrubbing, you can stick them in the microwave for one minute to eliminate any lingering bacteria.


These Towels That Deeply Clean Surfaces With Just Water

Want something that will clean surfaces way more effectively than paper towels and liquid cleaner? Give these Nano towels a shot. They're made with super-fine Nanolon fiber — which act as a magnet to remove dust, dirt, and grime — that activates with just a little water. (Nope, you don't have to use any chemicals.) The super-absorbent towels are safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, including glass, mirrors, tile, wood, stainless steel, chrome, metal, granite, and porcelain. Use them to dry dishes too.


This Collapsible Grip And Stand For Your Tablet Or Phone

We love products that combine two functions in one, like this collapsible phone grip and stand. It attaches to the back of your phone and when you're ready to use it, pops out (kind of like an accordion). You can slip your fingers around it and use it as a grip so your phone doesn't slip out of your hands or you can use it to prop your phone up on the table, so you can watch videos hands-free.


This Makeup Sponge Holder That Helps Prevent Bacteria Growth

If your beauty sponge is hanging out in the bottom of your makeup bag or somewhere in your medicine cabinet, it's time to invest in this makeup sponge holder. The open-bottomed holder elevates your sponge, so that it gets full air exposure, allowing your sponge to dry quickly. This helps prevent bacteria from growing — which also prevents any breakouts or irritation when you use the sponge on your face again.


These Silicone Baking Mats For Better Cookies And Pastries

These baking mats are a must-have for any aspiring pastry chefs. The non-stick mats fit right onto your cookie sheet where they distribute heat for consistent results. They also make clean-up a breeze because they wash easily with a little soap and water (i.e. no more scrubbing that pan). You can also use them on your oven rack liners to catch sauces and melting cheese when you're making savory dishes.


This Herb And Kale Stripper That Also Works As A Mincer

Forget about plucking sprigs of thyme by hand and use this herb stripper instead. Simply thread any woody herb (like rosemary, oregano, tarragon, or the aforementioned thyme) through one of the eight different-sized holes to instantly strip the leaves from the stem. Making a kale or chard salad? Use one of the larger holes to strip the leaves from the ribs. The dishwasher-safe stripper also features a curved edge that's perfect for chopping and mincing.


A Memory Foam Seat Cushion Designed For Maximum Support

Long hours spent sitting down can be hard on your tailbone. Keep things comfortable with the help of this seat cushion. The U-shaped cushion is contoured to support the arc of your lower back, while helping to correct your posture. It's made from luxurious memory foam and covered in a soft velour sleeve that can be removed and machine-washed. Use this at work, sports games, or on your next road trip.


This Cloth That Removes Makeup With Just Water

Forego one-use disposable makeup wipes and use this makeup erasing cloth instead. Just dampen the cloth with a little warm water and use a circular motion to remove foundation, blush, and eye makeup. It even works on waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The cloth is bacteria-resistant and can be machine-washed up to 1,000 times, so you can use it for years to come.


These Motion Sensor Lights That Don't Require Installation

Think installing motion sensor lights involves calling in a technician and spending a lot of money? Not the case with these motion sensor LED lights. The battery-operated lights attach to any surface with the help of a little adhesive, so there's no hardwiring necessary. The lights turn on when they sense motion within 10 feet, then turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity. (They do not, however, turn on in the daytime, which is a great battery-saver.) Install these in your hallway and never stumble to the kitchen again when you're going for a midnight snack.


This Stainless Steel Soap That Gets Rid Of The Garlic Smell On Your Hands

Okay, so this stainless steel soap isn't soap in the traditional sense, but it is incredibly useful for removing odor from your hands after cooking with garlic, onions, fish, curry, or other smelly foods. The stainless steel molecules in the bar bind with the odor-causing sulfur molecules on your hands, and instantly transfer those molecules to the bar, leaving your hands smelling fresh as a daisy. The bar can be used both dry and wet, and you can stick it in the dishwasher to keep it clean.


These Smart Plugs That Let You Turn Lights On When You're Not Home

I truly think these smart plugs are the cleverest darn things. They fit right into your regular wall outlets, and connect with Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can turn your appliances on and off with voice control. But there's more: You can download the smart plug app and turn your appliances on and off from anywhere just by using your phone. That's a great way to make it seem like someone's home even when you're away.


A Dry Shampoo That Won't Leave Dark Hair With A White Cast

Dry shampoos often have a tendency to leave darker hair with a cast of white powder, but this dry shampoo is formulated with a touch of color. The waterless shampoo absorbs oil and dirt, while adding body and texture, so you can skip a shower and still have bouncy, fresh-looking locks. This reviewer writes, "After using the original formula (white powder) and loving everything but my lightened roots, I tried the brown spray. I cannot live without it."


This Jewelry Cleaning Stick For Bracelets, Rings, And Necklaces That Shine

Elizabeth Taylor would have been all about this easy-to-use jewelry cleaner stick. Just twist the stick to dispense a little of the solution, then brush it onto your jewelry — where the bristles will even reach into even the tiniest of crevices. The solution is formulated with microfine cleansing and polishing agents, as well as polymers that diminish the appearance of scratches and prevents future dirt build-up. Use this on all your jewelry to make it sparkle and shine.


This Broom Holder That Cuts Down On Garage Clutter

If your broom, mop, and rake are all leaning against the wall in the corner of your garage, it's time to invest in this broom holder. The five spring-loaded clamps securely grip cleaning and gardening tools, while the six hooks are perfect for hanging gloves, dust pans, and scrubbing brushes. The sturdy holder can withstand up to 35 pounds of weight, and is easily installed with the included screws and anchors.

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