Gwyneth Paltrow Flashed Her Huge Engagement Ring On The Red Carpet & It'll Make Your Jaw Drop

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Life is good for Gwyneth Paltrow. Newly engaged and running a successful (if parodied) website doesn't sound half bad, right? Just wait because it gets better. Gwyneth Paltrow's engagement ring made its IRL public debut on Saturday night, and it's even bigger and more gorgeous than you originally thought. While size doesn't matter when it comes to rings, it's also kind of hard to miss how huge this rock actually is.

Paltrow and her boyfriend producer Brad Falchuck got engaged over the holidays. They originally met all the way back in 2010 when she did a guest appearance on Falchuck's then-show Glee. Now, years later, they're officially getting married.

While the couple has already done a stunning black and white photoshoot for Paltrow's Goop magazine, the ring had yet to debut in color. Now, however, that's all changed thanks to Paltrow's appearance at the Producer's Guild Awards.

On Saturday, Paltrow appeared at the show to present Ryan Murphy (who is commonly fiancé Falchuck's producing partner) with the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television. While presenting, fans of the star got their first official look at the absolutely massive ring in color, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

While the ring initially appeared black in the photos for Goop, upon closer inspection at the Producer's Guild Awards, the ring actually looks to be a deep blue hue. No details of the ring have been released, but everyone now knows how gorgeous it is.

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Despite Paltrow wearing a stunning, vibrant red gown, the ring still managed to stand out on stage. Now, that's quite the feat.

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While in a much different setting, Paltrow's ring seems to be a sapphire, and she's not alone in wearing the stone. Kate Middleton's ring is the same famous sapphire engagement ring that her late mother-in-law Diana wore.

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According to the Huffington Post, non-traditional engagement rings including colorful gemstone centers and stackable rings are seeing a rise in popularity on websites like Pinterest. Plus, these rings are typically more affordable than a traditional diamond ring with a golden band. But that's hardly an issue for Paltrow and bae.

Paltrow is also not alone in receiving a non-traditional stone. Other celebrities have opted out of having traditional diamonds, or they've mixed up their ring designs by incorporating colored stones.

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Jessica Simpson actually has a gorgeous ruby engagement ring that's a true stunner.

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Meanwhile Olivia Wilde's engagement ring is accented by an absolutely gorgeous emerald halo.

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As for Eva Longoria, she also has a gorgeous ruby instead of a diamond. While there does seem to be a diamond halo, the ruby is still definitely the center of attention.

Clearly, Paltrow's ring is another in a string of non-traditional engagement rings. But hers definitely hits next level status. While most celebrity rings are extravagant, hers appears actually massive on her finger. Unfortunately, there's still little to go on in terms of size and what kind of stone actually makes up the ring.

While Paltrow's engagement ring is stunning, the best part about the rock's debut is that the actor truly seems happy. Not only has she posted photos of Falchuk and ex-husband Chris Martin together, but she's certainly not shy about showcasing she and her new fiancé's life together on Instagram.

Clearly, things are definitely going well for Paltrow. Ring included.