The Oscar's Wardrobe Malfunction You Missed

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It wasn't one of say, "Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Super Bowl" proportions, but Hailee Steinfeld actually suffered quite the wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars: The Edge of Seventeen star and 2011 Academy Award nominee walked the red carpet and presented at the Oscars, all while sporting a not insubstantial rip in her custom-made Ralph & Russo bodice.

Luckily for Steinfeld, her gown was more than elaborate enough to distract from the malfunction — between all the hand-painted flowers, the shiny gold foil detailing, and the delicate sheer ruffles, the tear is actually pretty easy to miss — until you take a closer look, that is. If you look at the seam on the right side of the gown, you can see that it's starting to rip near the waist.

While thankfully less noticeable than many wardrobe malfunctions, she still counts it as something of a harrrowing experience: As she explained to People Magazine, the flaw in her gown kept "getting bigger and bigger as I went down the carpet, because anytime anyone stepped on the train, it would just rip more and more ... There was a point where I was awkwardly holding my hand to try and hide it as it was getting bigger."

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The drama didn't end at the red carpet, either: You see, Steinfeld still had to present an award. Fortunately, she was able to find an ally backstage in the wardrobe department:

Basically, she cut a piece off the back of the dress and sewed it on to the front of the dress to make it look like it was just part of the dress. By the time I presented you couldn’t tell. It was a nightmare. It’s stressful and the clock’s ticking and everybody’s running around. It was a lot.
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Thanks to the wardrobe department's quick thinking, by the time she presented the awards for Best Animated Feature Film alongside Gael Garcia Bernal, the flaw was barely noticeable.

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A mishap, sure, but Steinfeld (and that mystical woman from the wardrobe department backstage) was sure able to turn it around, right?

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Besides, knowing Steinfeld's movie track record and style know-how, this Ralph & Russo confection will be one of many future red carpet triumphs, malfunctions or no.