Hailey Bieber Just Got TEN Hand Tattoos

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tattoos are like chips or M&Ms. You can't stop at just one. Tattooed people — celebrities included — are often collectors with many single pieces comprising their collections. Others have large and detailed tattoos that take up significant bodily real estate. Hailey Baldwin Bieber got 10 hand tattoos and they are totally not what you're thinking. The model and wife of Justin Bieber got several tiny, thin-lined designs sprinkled all over one of her hands. Bieber confirmed that she had 19 tattoos back in 2018 and she has fully cemented her status as a serious collector by adding a bunch more.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what is included in Bieber's hand tattoo collection and where. There's a "B" in script perched at the top of her hand above her pinky. There are two little arrows on her actual pinky, along with star, sun, and dot designs on her ring finger. There's a star, a rose, a moon, and dots on her middle finger, while there are jewels with a star on her pointer finger. The designs are placed all over each digit — above and below the knuckles and close to the cuticle and fingernails.

Highly sought-after tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who has done pieces for Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne, posted a shot of Bieber's newly inked hands on his Instagram feed on Aug. 24 after their session. The post has already generated over 83,000 likes.

The single needle tattoo technique Dr. Woo is known for allows for small, precise, and black and gray detailing. You can truly appreciate the careful, delicate lines from this vantage point. The designs are dainty but they are also high impact. Bieber hasn't posted any images to her personal Instagram feed as of press time nor has she shared the meaning behind her new hand tattoos. She may end up keeping that to herself, which is totally her choice. She did share a shot of her hand tattoos while tagging Dr. Woo on her Instagram story a few days ago, according to Entertainment Tonight. Bustle reached out to Bieber's reps for more information about her new ink.

Bieber last shared a selfie showing her pre-tattoo hands while gripping her hubby on her Instagram feed back on Aug. 17. As a high profile model who is photographed in so many situations and for a variety of brands, her new slew of tattoos is small enough and light enough to cover should she need to do so for a job. However, it's worth noting that so many models and celebrities with extensive tattoo collections proudly display their ink during work and play.

If you can't stop staring at her Bieber's hand tattoos, that's relatable. Her lovely ink just might inspire you to book an appointment with your favorite artist or to seek out one who does the same sort of fine line work. The lines may be soft and delicate, but they pack quite an artistic and expressive punch.