These Stylists Created Hair Looks Inspired By Halo Top & OMG It's Delicious

by Kali Borovic

Think of the last time you went to the hairdresser. Odds are you sat down and showed your stylist a photo of some celebrity or past version of yourself. Well, these ladies got their inspiration from the grocery store instead. Thanks a Scruples Hair Care sponsored challenge, Halo Top Hair is taking over the internet and the creations might just inspire your next 'do. There's everything from unconventional color and styles to completely wearable balayages, so you can have a sweet start to the new year.

If you thought quirky hair trends were sticking to 2017, think again. Scruples Hair Care and Halo Top have teamed up to create hair styles after the protein-infused ice cream. While there are traditional flavors like chocolate represented in the bunch, there's also cinnamon roll, birthday cake, and rainbow swirl. No matter what your personal ice-cream preference, you're going to love all of the looks though.

Unlike other social media driven trends, this time the trend was an intentional one. Scruples Hair Care asked ten different stylist to create their take on Halo Top hair. Each one had to take on a different flavor — peanut butter cup, lemon cake, black cherry, chocolate, rainbow swirl, s'mores, birthday cake, cinnamon roll, red velvet, and sea salt caramel. The stylists had complete say on the color and the style, but were asked, of course, to use Scruples Hair Care items.

Courtesy Scruples Hair Care

Why did the brand choose the ice cream? Well, they say it's to have a sweet start to the new year. I say it's because the food is extremely popular. Not only are there tons of different flavors, but it's actually the first of its kind. Halo Top landed on Time's list of B25 Best Inventions of 2017 for being the first ice cream with low calories and protein included.

It also happens to bring some really great beauty inspiration. From colorful swirls to soft, smooth caramel colored locks, these hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous. Here's a look at every single one, so you can use it as your next hair inspiration shot at the salon.

1. Peanut Butter Cup

Leysha Hair And Makeup created this look using hair dye from the brand and a few hair accessories. She based the look off the packaging, while adding a little bit of flavor on her own. Because everything is better with some toppings — even hair.

2. Lemon Cake

You probably already saw this color coming. It's all yellow all the way. Stylist Megan Schipani didn't say exactly which colors she used to create the look, but this ombre is absolutely amazing.

3. Black Cherry

It might be black cherry, but this style is bringing the color. The packaging of this Halo Top flavor is, oddly enough, bright purple, and the Visalia, California based stylist does not hold back. She even added in the two-toned color that you can see in the ice cream.

4. Chocolate

A little chocolate balayage anyone? Mika Rogerson combined two of the biggest trends into one hairstyle. Not to mention that she manages to bring the shine of the packaging's gold to the hair without actually using the hue. Now, that's talent.

5. Rainbow Swirl

Not all of the looks are as conventional though. Balayage Expert Tracy, as the stylist's Instagram page reads, combined all the colors in the rainbow swirl packaging and made them look incredible. The extra sprinkles and literally swirls help bring the comparison to life, too.

6. S'mores

If this doesn't bring you to a beach fire roasting marshmallows, then I don't know what will. Ryan Weeden created two different looks, with help from a team, to help convey all the aspects of a s'more.

7. Birthday Cake

Every single thing about St. Louis Hair Artist's screams Halo Top. Even down to the polka dots and gold lips that match the lid of the packaging. Literal interpretation is sometimes even more fun than abstract.

8. Cinnamon Roll

I won't lie, I though space buns were coming. Instead, Brit Wright chose to go with the smooth blend of colors to match the flavors. The colors work in perfect harmony.

9. Red Velvet

Although my red-headed self was a little disappointed that a red head wasn't used for this one, it's close enough. The red, blonde, and platinum blend of this hair matches the packaging perfectly and is absolutely stunning.

There's no better way to roll into the new year than with some sweet hair inspiration.