H&M's New Swimwear Collection Has Something For Everyone

Courtesy of H&M

Summer is right around the corner, and I'll bet that we're all looking for that perfect summer swimsuit. Thankfully, H&M's new swimwear collection is here, and from mix and match separates to one-piece suits, they've got everything you need. Plus, because the items are from H&M, you know they'll be affordable. That means you can shop until your heart's content, and with these summer-ready, ultra cool styles, you'll definitely want to shop.

Mix and match styles are easily one of the most versatile styles for summer. From solid colors to animal prints, H&M's new summer swimwear line has it all. The best part? Prices are as low as $4.99 for a bikini top and also $4.99 for a bikini bottom. Basically, if you wanted to purchase every new piece from the collection, you probably could. You'd pretty much be in mix and match bikini heaven at that point.

Bikinis aren't the only part of H&M's new collection, though. The brand launched some seriously stylish one piece suits as well. From tie-dye patterns to laced up details, they're just as stylish as the bikinis and just as affordable. At $14.99, the price is definitely hard to beat.

While there's tons that stands out about the release, there are some options that are next level shoppable.


Here are my picks.

1. V-Neck One Piece

V-neck Swimsuit, $15, H&M

Te tie-dye pattern on this suit is so summer ready.

2. Animal Print Bikini

Bikini Top, $5, H&M

Bikini Bottom, $5, H&M

Snag this entire bikini for only around $10.

3. Lace Up Bikini

Bikini Top With Lacing, $10, H&M

Bikini Bottoms With Lacing, $10, H&M

The lace up detail is so cute.


If you've been looking for the perfect, affordable summer swimwear, H&M may just be the answer. With cute styles, great prices, and tons of options, they're going to be your summer go-to.