Hannah B.'s Pageant Videos Show How Much 'The 'Bachelor' Loves Her Home State

Rick Rowell/ABC

There are not one, but two former pageant contestants vying for Colton Underwood's affections this season on The Bachelor, and one of them has the great state of Alabama close to her heart. Hannah B.'s pageant videos from before The Bachelor show that she is extremely into being the best Miss Alabama she could possibly be.

Hannah Brown, a Northport, Alabama native was crowned Miss Alabama USA 2018 last year, and went onto compete for Miss USA, though she wasn't the last one standing in that competition. She's done a ton of awesome work with her title, including starting a program in which she speaks with young people about her experiences with depression and anxiety, hoping to normalize discussions about mental health, according to the Alabama News Center.

Since claiming her tile, she's appeared in videos for the Miss USA YouTube channel, showing off her hobbies, and revealing she's apparently a pretty great boxer! The same video features Hannah speaking openly about her struggles with mental health and the journey she's been on coming to terms with who she is as a person. And of course, she returned to the stage late last year to pass the crown on to the latest winner, Miss Alabama USA 2019, Hannah McMurphy.

Her affection for her state and her pageant career seem to be a big part of her identity. And she looks like she has fun doing it, too, judging from all of the videos on the internet of her accepting the crowns and strutting her stuff on stage.

There are also videos from years ago when she was just a wee 17-year-old Miss Tuscaloosa, fresh off a stint as Miss Tuscaloosa Outstanding Teen, giving interviews on local news stations with other local pageant queens.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, Hannah has been competing in pageants since she was 15, and it wasn't always smooth sailing. She tried out for Miss Alabama USA several times, but failed to earn a place. “I learned a lot and I think the Lord taught me how to lose graciously,” Hannah told the outlet. “It wasn’t always fun or easy, but I think I had to go through all that to really be ready to be Miss Alabama USA.”

Hannah features tons of Miss USA content on her Instagram feed as well, including videos of her twirling with super cute little girls backstage and her official walk across the stage during last year's competition.

Being involved in pageants has apparently shaped a lot of who Hannah is now. She told the Alabama News Center in the piece above that her experiences have helped her meet a diverse group of people and become more confident in who she is. “My family has seen me grow significantly because of being in pageantry. It has really amplified me as a person,” she said. “I have been able to talk to really anybody from all aspects of life.”

With all that Alabama pride behind her, Hannah seems stoked to represent while vying for Colton's attention. In promos for the rest of the season, she's even seen saying she can see herself falling for him big time. Only time will tell how long Hannah B. will stick around, but one thing's for sure — she's already well practiced at the art of standing out from a crowd.