Why Hannah G. Was Destined To Be A Bachelor Nation Favorite

Rick Rowell/ABC

There's only so much information that can be gleaned about a contestant during any given episode of The Bachelor. Considering the number of women still in the running for Colton's season, screen time is limited (and usually reserved for as much drama as possible), which means it's up to fans to do a little social media sleuthing in order to gain a little extra insight into who these ladies are and if they'd make a good match for Colton. And while Hannah G.'s Instagram before The Bachelor mainly consists of a very strong spon-con game, it also proves that she was, in many ways, born to be part of this Bachelor Nation franchise, whether she ends up winning Colton's heart or not.

Numerous posts on Hannah G.'s account showcase her various modeling gigs as well as her skills as a social media influencer. Many Bachelor contestants have chosen to make careers out of this in the past after their respective seasons, so the fact that Hannah was already a social media influencer long before making her debut on the series only further solidifies how much she belongs in Bach Nation. Hannah and Colton already clearly have a special connection — she did earn the First Impression Rose, after all — but even if things don't work out, there's a good chance she'll remain an ongoing presence in the franchise for years to come. Perhaps she'll even be the next Bachelorette or get cast in Bachelor in Paradise.

It's a delicate balance to try and be both likable and memorable to fans, and yet Hannah G. seems to be accomplishing this feat with ease. She comes off as being sweet and genuine while still exerting a certain confidence that proves she's totally able to hold her own among all the other women. So regardless of how this season plays out, Hannah could very easily end up maintaining a strong connection to the franchise in the years to come. And if her Instagram is any indication, she definitely has the knowledge of how to turn her time on the show into a full-fledged career, like so many other alums have successfully accomplished (looking at you, Lauren Bushnell!). Sponsors are sure to be lining up for her when this is all over.

A deeper search into her social media history also features a couple of more personal shots with some of her family members, including one with Hannah hanging out with her dad, with whom she seems to be very close to.

The same can be said about Hannah and her mom, who shows up countless times on her Instagram. Needless to say, their relationship could not be more adorable if it tried.

Will Colton end up meeting her parents and will all of this translate into Hannah G. getting that final rose? Only time will tell how the rest of this season will play out, but given her strong social media game, even if she does end up getting eliminated, it won't be the last we see of her, that's for sure.