There's A New Way To Welcome Harry Potter Into Your Home & I'm One Excited Muggle

by Sophie McEvoy
Warner Bros. UK

Having your bedroom walls plastered with posters of your favourite films and musicians is a right of passage as a pre-teen. But as beautiful as your room looked, it was hard not to notice the rips and tears of your favourite posters thanks to the Blu-Tack prying off the wall. Eventually the realisation dawns that framed posters and prints are the way to go, and that there are actual companies dedicated to providing these beauties. One such place is Classic Stills, and it seems like they're getting ready to produce a collection of limited-edition Harry Potter prints.

Update: Classic Stills have confirmed the collection, with the first prints available from The Sorcerer's Stone. You can view the collection in full here.

Earlier: Digital Spy reported in a now-deleted article that Classic Stills are teaming up with Universal Studios to produce a dedicated collection of Harry Potter stills from all eight movies, starting with The Philosopher's Stone. Digital Spy also mentioned in the now-deleted article that fans will be an integral part to the selection of imagery from each film, "by revealing which scene or moment they'd most like to display."

However, there has been no official word from either of the companies regarding the collection. Bustle reached out to Classic Stills for further deets regarding this collection, and they declined to comment further at this time.

But, it's easy to see what a Harry Potter series may look like thanks to previous installments from the company. One of their most popular seems to be the official Doctor Who collection, which was "launched in conjunction with the BBC Photo Archive." The prints are still available, but they too are a limited-run, with only 100 copies for each of the 21 stills.

If Classic Stills are indeed going ahead with a Harry Potter series, you may have to shell out a pretty penny to purchase these prints. Looking at the Doctor Who collection — and others on the site, such as Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park — prices for each photograph range between £125 to £399, depending on the size of the print. There's also a shipping charge involved, which costs £19.99.

As expensive as that sounds for one print, it's understandable when you look into the massive quality that this company implements when producing their products. Instead of just printing off a high-quality image on a printer, these images are made through Chromogenic printing, which is described by the company as a process where prints are "produced on light-sensitive colour paper and produced in wet chemistry."

And as Classic Stills curate these collections with the copyright holders of the media they are using, even before printing these stills will be of the highest quality.

Warner Bros. UK

All prints are also "hand-framed, fully assembled and ready to hang," ensuring that "the prints are well-protected by high-quality materials, helping to keep them preserved over time." Each individual piece will also be numbered, and "ensures each Classic Stills artwork is rare and likely to appreciate in value over time." You'll also be given a Certificate of Authenticity, to make you feel even more regal. Basically, you'll be in the possession of a damn fine piece of art.

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