Harry Styles Is Barely In The New 'Dunkirk' Trailer

Let's be real. There's only one real reason everyone's getting completely overexcited over the newest World War II movie and it has, sadly, little to do with superstar auteur Christopher Nolan. Nope, Harry Styles is barely in the new Dunkirk trailer, which leaves me just about ready to rage-howl into my pillow.

If you're a fan of the man with the most beautiful locks in showbiz, you may have already suffered a grievous sorrow on Friday May 5, after the former One Direction icon's U.S. tour sold out in seconds. From this, it's clear that the British musician isn't just a talent; he's a one man fan-magnet. So the two glimpses we catch of the world's favorite person — once of him cowering on a beach and one of him swimming by a boat (if that is him? It was a split second moment and from behind) feel like far too few to compensate for the fact that the pop star’s name has been splashed about on all promotional material related to the film.

Still, there is one aspect of the trailer that provides some fairly odd psychic compensation. Namely, that the casting director has made the commendable decision to only cast boys who look a lot like Styles himself. At first, this is disconcerting, but, once you relax into it, it feels a little like your eyeballs are being massaged by the enjoyable view of a lot of clones of the “Sweet Creature” singer.

Well — I say relax into it. Obviously, if you’ve watched the trailer, you’ll know it’s completely brutal and disconcerting, and I’m not sure I love the idea of either the singer himself or his clones getting entangled in a mass evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches in something as flimsy as fishing boats.

Of course, I may be alone in this:

So if your heart is sad that you didn't secure tickets today, give that trailer a watch. It'll either reawaken your compassion and care for the Prince of Pop (I know, we've heard too few solo hits yet to give him this crown, but I'm sure that new album will drop and prove me right any day now) or be a great revenge watch, apparently. Either way, it'll be the cherry on the top of your Friday.