Harry Styles' "Carolina" Lyrics Are About A Mystery Girl & You'll Wish It Was You — VIDEO

Excitement about Harry Styles is currently off the charts. And, on Tuesday's Today Show, Styles played "Carolina," another new song from his forthcoming album. The "Carolina" lyrics have got fans shook for more reasons than one, but, then, his entire solo career has had fans shook for more reasons than one. From his "Sign of the Times" music video to his show stopping performances on Saturday Night Live, the former One Direction star is currently killing it. Taking his music in a new direction, Styles has proven that his fans are ready to hear a more mature sound, and it feels as though he's finally being honest about who he is as an artist. Take "Carolina" for example.

Fans assumed that this song would be about Styles' former girlfriend, Caroline Flack. But, having heard the lyrics, it seems unlikely that the British television host was his inspiration. "Carolina" is about a girl who has moved to the west coast, on the advice of her grandma, which is a pretty sweet story. There, she met Styles, which is an impressive feat in itself. She's a reader with "a book for every situation", and he seems very smitten with her. But who exactly is "Carolina" about, and how do I get Styles to write a song about me?

From the first verse, Styles' "Carolina" locates the events featured in the song. The "good girl" discussed throughout has family back in "Carolina", although it's never stipulated whether this is South or North Carolina.

It's somewhat strange that this person is reminded of home by the extremely British Harry Styles, but the One Direction singer is many things to many people, so it seems legit.

She's got a family in Carolina. So far away, but she says I remind her of home. She looks so far from home.

Importantly, the pair in the song are currently both west coasters, meaning that they're probably in Los Angeles. Super sleuths, take note. In "Carolina", Styles appears to be talking about a girl who moved to L.A. from North or South Carolina. Does anyone fit the bill?

She never saw herself as a west coaster. Moved all the way cause her grandma told her. Better swim before you drown.

The second verse goes into even more detail about the mystery girl. She's bookish, which seems significant. She goes to parties and just turns up, invited or not. This might indicate that she's famous, because no one seems upset that she's gatecrashing. It also seems as though Styles has fallen for her hard, as he asks "how could you ever turn her down?" and he dreams about her, and can't get her off his mind.

She's got a book for every situation. Gets into parties without invitations. How could you ever turn her down? I've had a dream that I think I've seen her. How would I tell her that she's all I think about? Well I guess she just found out.

By the end of the song, Styles is ready to let this "good girl" know how he feels about her. He wants to "scream" it out, and let everyone hear the song he's written about her. As declarations of love go, "Carolina" is pretty amazing.

I met her once and wrote a song about her. I wanna scream, yeah. Wanna shout it out. And I hope she hears me now.
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As expected, "Carolina" by Harry Styles is a love song for the ages. As for who it's directed at, well, can't we all just imagine it's about us?