Twitter Isn't Happy About Harry Styles' Covid-19 Merch Line

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Harry Styles' COVID-19 merch is drawing mixed opinions across social media. While the intention might be a good one, the world is asking…do you really need T-shirts to remind you of a global pandemic?

The singer announced his intention on Instagram stories with a swipe-up to shop tees reading, “Stay home. Stay safe. Protect each other.” The back featured the line: “This T-shirt fights COVID-19—treat people with kindness.” The tops retail for $26 and are on pre-order, with 100% of the profits going towards the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

While the top is part of a larger “Treat People with Kindness” merch collection, taken from a song title from Styles' album Finish Line, its particular allocation of funds towards Coronavirus efforts seems apt. That said, many are still up in arms.

One Twitter user shared their thoughts, quipping “harry styles making covid-19 merch??? Please lmao.” Another writes, “there is such a long list as to why this is problematic, I don’t even know where to begin.” Yet another criticized the wait-time, sharing, “when Harry styles sells a shirt to fight COVID-19 but still won’t ship for 4-6 weeks aka 3 months.”

While all of these points might be valid, Styles’ fans are coming to his defense in droves. A fan said, “y’all really mad at harry for making merch that supports covid research ad he gets zero of the money because he donates it???!!!” And another echoed, “I always knew harry styles would be the one to stop covid.”

Styles has already announced that his European tour would be postponed until 2020, sharing on Instagram, “Anyone who knows me, knows that performing has always been my favorite part of working in music. However, during times like these, the safety and protection of touring crew, fans, and everyone else around the world is an immediate priority.”

If you’re looking to support COVID-19 relief efforts through Harry Styles and his “Treat People With Kindness” merch, you can shop the $26 T-shirt on his website.

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