Ariana Grande May Have Revealed Her Engagement Ring On Instagram

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well, this is escalating quickly. Little more than an hour after People reported that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson could be engaged, a diamond ring has been spotted on Grande's finger in her latest Instagram Stories. Could this be the "No Tears Left Cry" singer's engagement ring? Bustle has reached out to reps for both Grande and Davidson, but didn't receive a response at the time of publication.

As of now, both Grande and Davidson have yet to confirm their engagement, let alone that the ring in this photo is an actual engagement ring or just a really pretty sparkler. However, one can't help but think that this is more than just a coincidence for her to be wearing a huge diamond ring right around the same time rumors about an engagement abound. "All I know about the ring is that it’s big," a source told People. Given the size of the ring in Grande's Instagram story, this could very well be the ring in question, though, for now this is all just speculation.

According to the outlet, the image was taken during Grande's mother Joan’s birthday dinner, which is who is shown in the photo alongside Grande's brother, Frankie, and of course Grande herself.

A source additionally told Us Weekly that Davidson and Grande “were telling people that they’re engaged" while at Robert Pattinson's birthday party in Los Angeles over the weekend. “They are both constantly making each other laugh,” another source told Us Weekly. “Their moms have met. They’ve been very public with their relationship on social media, and they are very in love."

But just in case there are some people out there who aren't quite convinced that the duo are really planning to tie the knot, Buzzfeed News reports that Davidson's manager informed the outlet that while he couldn't confirm the engagement rumors, Davidson "will most likely be at The Stand tonight...It's Pete's favorite stage." Though when asked if the SNL will use that time to announce his reported upcoming nuptials, the manager said he didn't know.

Adding further fuel to the engagement fire is the fact that Grande recently posted a suspiciously happy tweet earlier today, filled with numerous monkey emojis in between words like "i love u," "sm" and "ok bye." The singer has yet to explain this particularly cryptic message, but it stems to reason that it could very well be linked to her alleged engagement.

News that Grande and Davidson were dating only just broke this past May, shortly after Grande's break-up with rapper Mac Miller. Meanwhile, Davidson also split from his longtime girlfriend Cazzie David that same month as well. So to say that this is a whirlwind romance would be an understatement. However, the couple appear to be very happy together, which, in the end, is the most important thing.

Since both celebrities are well-known and prominently in the public eye, it makes sense that the public is eager to know as many details about their relationship as possible, especially if it also now involves an engagement. However, despite their affinity to the spotlight, it's important to remember that they are also actual human beings who deserve to have some semblance of privacy. So if they'd rather keep any alleged engagement just to themselves for the time being, that is entirely their right. Fans are bound to find out about all the intricate details in due time — including the size and shape of the engagement ring — but for now, let's let them celebrate in peace (if there really is something to celebrate).

Does this seem like an extremely fast engagement? Yeah it all happening rather quickly, but sometimes love knows no time restraints. When you know, you just know — and in the case of Grande and Davidson, that could be exactly what happened.