See A Teaser For 'The Ship Beyond Time'!

by Zoraida Córdova

Gather 'round and witness something wonderful: Bustle's got the reveal for the trailer for The Ship Beyond Time, the highly anticipated sequel to The Girl From Everywhere, plus an exclusive interview with author Heidi Heilig.

The Girl From Everywhere follows Nix, a Hapa girl who lives on her father's time-traveling ship, The Temptation, which is currently on a journey from present day New York to 19th century Hawaii. That's right, the ship can travel through time and space, and its captain — Nix's father — is on a mission to travel back to the year before her mother died in childbirth. But this mission has one disastrous downside: if they succeed, Nix will be erased from existence. In book two, The Ship Beyond Time, Nix has even more to lose — including Kish, the charming Persian thief who has captured her heart.

On Twitter, Heidi Heilig is an outspoken proponent for diverse children's literature, and she definitely feels the pressure to authentically tell those stories in her work, too. "I do something that made me think hard about things like tropes. Being known for having a 'diverse' book, you don't want to let people down," Heilig tells Bustle.

But that wasn't the only difficulty of writing her sophomore novel. "I was going through my debut experience. I was having personal growing pains while trying to write this sequel," she says. From a more practical perspective, she says she found it difficult to keep everything straight in a time-travel novel.

The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig, $11, Amazon

"Technically, it's hard to up the takes with time travel without messing with chronology," she adds. "I wanted to make sure it held up. The margins for error are smaller."

One of the most fun aspects of creating the sequel was producing the book trailer. Heilig, who has an MFA in Musical Theater from New York University, put her directing and sewing skills to the test for the production. "Since the election, I needed to do something other than sit at my desk and fight about news and what's happening," she says.

So, Heilig grabbed her camera, and trekked around Manhattan in full pirate garb with fellow author Riley Redgate. Together, they journeyed downtown to South Street Seaport and uptown to the Cloisters in search of the perfect shot. They got it — just before it started snowing.

The trailer — like the book series — forces readers to reckon with one difficult question: Would you go back in time, if you could? Heilig knows the answer isn't simple for anyone. "If I could go back I would love to," she says. "But would you really go on this journey and risk unmaking your self? It is hard to commit to changing your past and future. You can't always save everyone, but you can save yourself."

"You have to live in the now," she adds. "You can't depend on the future or time travel. You have to be able to learn to live in the moment."

Though this duology is about to come to a close, Heidi Heilig is already at work on a new novel. She can't give away too many details, but she describes it as "Moulin Rouge meets Apocalypse Now."

Bustle is proud to present the book trailer for The Ship Beyond Time, out February 28th, 2017 from Greenwillow Books.