Hello Kitty Body Glitter Is A Thing, Because Long Live The '90s

Our beauty game in middle school was something fierce, what with all the metallic lipsticks, flavored chapsticks, and hair mascara. But for those extra special occasions — like school dances or first dates — one would busted out the body glitter. That's why Hello Kitty Body Glitter is so exciting — it brings your secret beauty weapon from childhood into adulthood, in one seamless move. You can now make your shoulders and decolletage shimmer like you're dancing underneath the disco ball of your school gym's dance floor, but this time instead of tearing it up in your first pair of heels, you'll be going out for groceries. Couple that with the fact it has a Hello Kitty motif (which was just as popular, if not more than, Lisa Frank and The Power Puff Girls,) and this is a real beauty must-have.

But Sparkle Pig Glitter's Holo Kitty Glitter is a little different from your Bath & Body Works glitter spray from your tween years, mainly because it focuses on holographic glitter confetti in the form of Hello Kitty's head. According to the brand, they use cosmetic grade glitter, so it's safe to use on the skin, and you can easily apply it with vaseline or a glitter gel, and then easily remove it with face wipes or makeup remover.

Sparkle Pig Holo Kitty Glitter, $5, Etsy

But seeing how it's more of a statement piece rather than just a fine, shimmery mist, you can also use it for other beauty purposes that don't just revolve around adorning your shoulders and arms. You can use it to achieve playful glitter roots, strategically place the confetti around your eye lids, glam up for festivals or nights out, or add them to your drying nails for a dazzling mani or pedi. "We love the idea of sticking it on your lids, which brings new meaning to the term 'cat eye.' Or you could apply it on your roots for your next cat-lady convention," PopSugar suggested. There are all sorts of ways you can use it.

If this has sent you into a nostalgic mood and you want to stock your bathroom shelves with more Hello Kitty related beauty supplies, here are some great ones to choose from.

1. Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask

Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask, $52, Peter Thomas Roth

Focusing on anti-aging, this mask has a blend of plant stem cells and rose extracts, which are meant to smooth away any fine lines and leave your skin glowing.

2. Brush Set

UDTEE Brush Set, $10, Amazon

If you want to blend out your shadow using pretty pink brushes, then this is the set for you. Consisting of seven brushes, this set includes a powder brush, foundation brush, large eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush, angled brush, lip brush, and eyeshadow/smudge sponge.

3. Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss, $11, YesStyle

If you want to glam up your lips with coral lip gloss, then why not choose one with a cute Hello Kitty motif?

From body glitter to lip gloss, our childhood favorites will stay with us well into old age.