This App Is Like For Skin Care & You're Guaranteed To Fall In Love

Beauty products are so readily available nowadays that finding the perfect match can be overwhelming. Luckily, there's now a foolproof way to find the one for you — no swiping needed. According to Allure, the HelloAva skin care matching app is like for your beauty bag. All you do is talk to an online bot, and the app finds the perfect skin care items for you. The future of beauty has arrived.

In the world of endless beauty products, the key to finding the right products is about knowing your skin. If you're anything like me and don't know which questions to ask, you'll love HelloAva. As Allure found, the app was founded by Siqi Mou, a former financial analyst and Bloomberg TV anchor. The app has users answer twelve skin questions that are all multiple choice. After that, it gives you all of the products that work for you.

You can talk to a bot or a human to take the survey — whichever your little extraverted or introvert heart desires. Personally, I found the bot to be clear and easy to use. Plus, I didn't have to admit to anyone that I had to really think about some of the questions like is my forehead more dry than my cheeks. Other were easier, like does my face get red when I workout — guilty.

After you go through the painless questionnaire, you get paired with two products from each category that you're looking for. While they are all higher-priced brands, like Kate Somerville, Sunday Riley, and Origins, it makes it easier to splurge knowing that they definitely fit your skin type.

According to Allure, the brand carries 2,000 items from over 150 brands, so these aren't just the same products popping up in everyone's queue. The added experience of getting a one-on-one consultation for free is what sets this app a part.

“A licensed aesthetician is available to walk you through your recommendations and to give you alternate selections if you want something that’s slightly different,” Mou tells Allure. "A computer is more efficient than humans for selecting products, but we have a human there to cross-check the algorithm, and to offer emotional support. If someone is having a severe acne problem, they may need assurance from someone else before purchasing."

As great as it is to be able to get products recommended to you, the actual skin analysis is the best part. At the end of the process, HelloAva tells you your skin types and a summary, which walks you through why the products were recommended to you. The breakdown also tells you your skins "weakness" and "strength" that gives you tips on how to care for your skin.

All of that is free of charge. So even if you don't end up buying one of the products that HelloAva recommends, it's well worth taking the quiz.

There are plans to make HelloAva jump right off the screen, too. Mou tells Allure that they'd like to have pop-up shops available, where people can blend their own products.

“We have this idea to partner with influencers and celebrities to create a pop-up shop during the holidays where we allow people to customize their own products. Kind of like a yogurt bar,” Mou tells Allure.

There's might be more products to try than ever, but the process of finding the right ones is still just as important. HelloAva give you of the information that would spend hours on Google trying to figure out yourself in just ten minutes.

If this is the future of skin care, then things look extremely bright.