Here Are 30 Brilliant Books & Tools on Amazon That’ll Help You Grow Personally & Spiritually

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For the most part, I'm not really big on buying unnecessary stuff — it may sound obvious, but happiness should mostly come from within. Still, there's something to be said for tools and books that help you grow spiritually as well as personally. Clutter is one thing, but writing that expands your view of the world, planners that help you build a life you love, and genius products that promote mindfulness? Now that's a purchase I can get behind.

There are days when I wish I had the time, commitment, and dedication to sit and meditate on the side of a mountain for hours. Unfortunately, that's just not my life. I've got a job. I also have student loans, relationships to tend to, meals to cook, and the occasional mind-numbing paperwork to fill out. Sometimes, stress gets the best of me, and I can't calm down on my own. That's when I turn to my yoga practice, or my mindfulness tools, or a really inspiring book that'll help me lead a more soulful life.

The best news? The "spiritual aspect" of these tools can be utilized by anyone. They don't exclude any denomination or belief system, but instead focus on connectivity between people, compassion, internal peace, and gratitude in a way that's sure to help you grow. Here are some of the best that Amazon has to offer.

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