Here Are 30 Brilliant Books & Tools on Amazon That’ll Help You Grow Personally & Spiritually


For the most part, I'm not really big on buying unnecessary stuff — it may sound obvious, but happiness should mostly come from within. Still, there's something to be said for tools and books that help you grow spiritually as well as personally. Clutter is one thing, but writing that expands your view of the world, planners that help you build a life you love, and genius products that promote mindfulness? Now that's a purchase I can get behind.

There are days when I wish I had the time, commitment, and dedication to sit and meditate on the side of a mountain for hours. Unfortunately, that's just not my life. I've got a job. I also have student loans, relationships to tend to, meals to cook, and the occasional mind-numbing paperwork to fill out. Sometimes, stress gets the best of me, and I can't calm down on my own. That's when I turn to my yoga practice, or my mindfulness tools, or a really inspiring book that'll help me lead a more soulful life.

The best news? The "spiritual aspect" of these tools can be utilized by anyone. They don't exclude any denomination or belief system, but instead focus on connectivity between people, compassion, internal peace, and gratitude in a way that's sure to help you grow. Here are some of the best that Amazon has to offer.

1. This Must-Read Book About Who You Are Beneath Your Thoughts

A New Earth, $11, Amazon

If I could hand out a copy of this book to every person I came into contact with (without seeming extreme), I would. In my own opinion and the opinion of thousands of others, A New Earth is life-changing. Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher — one who is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition — who teaches that human beings are not their minds, nor their thoughts. We are the stillness that exists underneath all of that, and when we learn to see that, we can achieve true peace and minimize the dysfunction that exists in the world.


2. This Deck Of Yoga Positions/Meditation To Inspire Your Practice

The Yoga Deck, $14, Amazon

If you're looking to mix up your yoga routine, there's The Yoga Deck. It features 50 yoga poses and meditations on gorgeous cards that you can pick at random or arrange to create a new practice. "The instructions on each card are easy to follow and are extremely helpful by adding diagrams on the back of each move," one reviewer describes. There are also affirmations on the cards to help keep you centered and motivated.


3. This Audio Program That Uses Neuroscience To Help You Restructure Your Brain For Happiness

Neurosculpting, $41, Amazon

Using modern neuroscience to back it up, Neurosculpting is an audio CD that offers a complete approach to effectively restructuring your brain for greater health, happiness, creativity, and compassion. It's centered around the idea that everyday stress produces a physical reaction, but with guided meditation and practice, you can control this — which helps you connect more with others, set limits, and live a more peaceful, productive life. Lisa Wimberger offers in-depth training that you can apply to any area of your life, and reviewers say, "There should be a 10 star choice because this audio program is truly that good."


4. This Brilliant Journal That Makes Mindfulness An Enjoyable, Hands-On Activity

I Am Here Now, $11, Amazon

If you have trouble setting aside time for mindfulness and/or journaling every day, I Am Here Now makes both of those things more accessible. It features exercises, meditations, coloring pages, and habit-breakers in a beautifully designed format that you'll look forward to every morning or evening. It will also help keep you rooted in the present, instead of focusing so much time on the past or future. "Filled with lots of fun mindfulness activities and information without it feeling like it's being drilled into your head," says one reviewer. "I love it."


5. These Non-Slip Yoga Paws So You Can Practice Anywhere Without A Mat

Yoga Paws, $29, Amazon

Practice yoga anywhere and everywhere with Yoga Paws. Their compact and breathable design feels like a second skin, but these gloves and socks have a full layer of natural rubber that easily grip any surface — they're great to use on hard surfaces or concrete, but can easily function as a little extra security on a yoga mat. Basically, they're like an extremely portable mat that you wear, and they're available in four sizes and five colors. They also wick away moisture and are fantastic tools to allow anyone to practice yoga whenever and wherever they want to.


6. This Book That Uses New Scientific Findings To Explore Spirituality

The Divine Matrix, $11, Amazon

My favorite thing about best-selling author Gregg Braden is that he is, first and foremost, a scientist. In his book The Divine Matrix, Braden explores peer-reviewed scientific experiments and discoveries that could shift the way we think about our bodies, the universe, and the way we heal. "Made me order 3 more of his books," says one reviewer. "The topics and scientific backing makes them so engaging and interesting." The basic concept of this book is intriguing: Everything is connected, we all hold the power to help heal the universe, and to heal within creates ripples that will heal those around you.


7. This Quality (But Affordable) Yoga Mat That Helps With Alignment

DAWAY Eco-Friendly Alignment Mat, $30, Amazon

Not only is this DAWAY yoga mat non-toxic, eco-friendly, suitable for tall yogis, and affordable, but it has special alignment charts to ensure that your hands and feet are centered and symmetrical in all your poses. Its laser engraved texture stops you from slipping, and it's made from a high-density foam that cushions your joints for floor poses.


8. These 222 Affirmations For Abundance And Prosperity

222 Prosperity Affirmations, $11, Amazon

If abundance is your biggest priority, 222 Prosperity Affirmations has reviewers using words like "powerful," "excellent," and "very helpful." It's a compilation of modern and ancient techniques that help you tune into your abundance using the power of the spoken word, and people say it's a quick, easy, and inspiring read.


9. This Beautifully-Crafted Handheld Tool To Cultivate Mindfulness Anywhere

BambooMN Finger Labyrinth, $30, Amazon

Made from 100 percent sustainable bamboo, this finger labyrinth is a great, highly-portable tool for meditation. The user traces the maze with his or her finger (or the included tools) to center the mind and focus their attention. Reviewers also say it helps manage anxiety and even helps to introduce mindfulness practices to children.


10. This Organizational Planner That Doubles As An Adult Coloring Book

Undated Coloring Planner, $13, Amazon

I find it nearly impossible to focus inward when I've got dates and to-dos swarming around in my head. This undated planner has weekly and monthly pages as well as spots to jot down your appointments and goals. The best part, though, is that nearly every page has an intricate picture that you can color to cultivate creativity, mindfulness, and stress-relief. The thick card stock prevents bleeding, so you can use markers to create your own little pieces of art.


11. This Complete Text That's Widely Considered One Of The Most Important Spiritual Resources

A Course In Miracles: Combined Volume, $18, Amazon

Roughly every single self-help book I've read (and I've read hundreds) mentions A Course In Miracles. This combined volume is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that teaches peace, forgiveness, and accessible spirituality. It's got thousands of positive reviews and has people raving: "I have to honestly say, without any reservation, from the bottom of my heart - that this is the single MOST IMPORTANT book - rather EDUCATION - of my entire life." It's currently published in 25 languages, and used by millions of students looking for inner peace.


12. This Deck Of Guidance Cards Illustrated Entirely By Women

Soulful Woman Guidance Cards, $21, Amazon

If you're looking for a little more empowerment and guidance throughout the day, there are these Soulful Woman guidance cards. The creators hand-picked 26 visionary female artists to illustrate this deck, all designed to help you relax into life's flow, trust in divine timing, and follow your intuition. The deck even comes with a reference book that describes each card's meaning in depth.


13. This Mind-Blowing Zen Garden That Comes With Magnetic Sand

SPACECARE Magnetic Zen Sand Garden, $30, Amazon

This SPACECARE box set is not your traditional Zen garden. Instead of regular sand, it uses high purity magnetic sand that interacts with the tools and included magnets so you can build stereoscopic patterns. Not only does it encourage creativity and help you focus your mind, but this adult play area (box included) is a great addition to any work desk when you feel the need to fidget.


14. The Game That Helps Your Personal Relationships Grow

Better Me: The Game Of Growth, $55, Amazon

A great way to build stronger personal relationships with friends and family is with this game — it harnesses the principles of positive psychology to encourage real-world actions of improvement, and it helps players connect through insightful reflection. Some of the questions include "is taking risk scary, exciting, or is both?" and all inspire deep conversations. One reviewer writes: "Great game! Created a discussion tonight with my daughter that I don’t know I would have ever had otherwise!"


15. This Memory Foam Cushion That Helps With Posture, So You Can Meditate Comfortably

Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion, $30, Amazon

Even though it can be placed on any chair or couch, this orthopedic cushion has reviewers saying, "It’s so nice to be able to sit in the yoga position or meditation position so comfortably." That's because it's made from high-density memory foam that improves your posture and reduces pressure on the spine. It's even got a cut-out for your coccyx so you can sit straight, and it reacts to both your body type and temperature.


16. This Introduction DVD If You're Interested In The Practice Of Qi Gong

30 Minutes of Qi Gong, $12, Amazon

If you've ever been interested in the art of Qi Gong (a Chinese exercise for cultivating energy flow), this 30 Minutes of Qi Gong DVD is a wonderful place to start. It features a traditional beginner's sequence of gentle, beautiful motions that enhance vitality and peace of mind. "Fang's version gives you voice-over instruction with a routine that smoothly goes through the entirety so you can use it even after you have learned the moves," says one reviewer. "I feel great afterwards!"


17. This True Story Of A Doctor's Experience With Reincarnation

Many Lives, Many Masters, $9, Amazon

Written by prominent psychologist Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters was the first book I ever read that expanded my spirituality and made me believe that we're all connected. This classic bestseller tells the story of one of Weiss's real-life patients who stumbled upon her past-life memories during therapy sessions. As his skepticism erodes, Weiss explains what this could mean for reincarnation as well as interconnectedness.


18. This Scientifically-Proven Traditional Sound Tool For Meditation

Ohm Store Tibetan Meditation Yoga Singing Bowl Set, $20, Amazon

According to a study published in 2016, the use of sound meditation (specifically Tibetan singing bowls) creates a greater reduction in tension as well as an increased feeling of spiritual well-being. This singing bowl set was made in the Himalayan foothills by Nepalese artisans. It features a hand-hammered bowl, wooden striker, and sewn cushion, and when played, it creates relaxing tones that are supposed to help synchronize your brainwaves to a state of peace.


19. A Book To Help Get The Life You Want By Being Present To The One You Have

The Book of Awakening, $11, Amazon

Written by poet and cancer survivor Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening is a call for anyone to reclaim aliveness, liberate yourself, and to savor the beauty of your life. His words offer insight on pain, love, and wonder, and reviewers say "this book has been a staple to grounding my soul and bringing perspective, peace and reason to life."


20. This Set Of Essential Oils For Meditation, Serenity, And Purification

Edens Garden Yoga Essential Oil Set, $25, Amazon

Made only with 100 percent therapeutic grade essential oils, Edens Garden Yoga set contains three blends: Cleaning purifies the space around you, meditation helps you focus mindfully, and quiet time allows you to find serenity and peace no matter where you are. They come in a gorgeous gift box, too. The aromas are bright, and some even have anti-fungal properties.


21. This Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Sound Machine Helps Engage All The Senses

ArtNaturals Sound Machine Diffuser, $40, Amazon

This essential oil diffuser by ArtNaturals has all the best features: a quiet ultrasonic mist, seven soft LED color options, a powerful 12-watt system that distributes aromatherapy to large rooms, and an auto-off function that keeps you safe when the water runs out. The coolest part, though, is that it also doubles as a tranquil sound machine. It's pre-programmed with six natural and calming sounds to block out machinery, barking dogs, traffic, and loud neighbors, so you can finally relax.


22. If You Feel Powerless To Change The Circumstances Around You, Read This Book

The Seat of the Soul, $11, Amazon

With prefaces by Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou, The Seat of the Soul is a highly-rated book by Gary Zukav that invites you to understand your own power as a human being. Using his scientist’s eye and philosopher’s heart, Zukav shows us that rather than manipulating the world around us, we can align our minds and our souls with it, so we can live our lives with purpose and meaning.


23. This Ayurvedic Incense That Helps To Stimulate Each Chakra

Chakras Incense, $13 (Pack of 3), Amazon

Available in seven different types, these incense sticks are Ayurvedically formulated to coincide with the Chakras. According to reviewers, "each incense stick smells different and yet all are appealing," and they burn for 60 minutes each. So whether you're looking to stimulate your root chakra with feelings of security or open up your throat chakra in order to better communicate, incorporate these into your yoga or meditation practice.


24. This Planner That Helps You In Every Area Of Your Life, Including Happiness

Law of Attraction Daily Planner, $30, Amazon

From the outside, it looks like every other planner, but the Law of Attraction daily planner is designed to help you become the best possible version of yourself — mentally, physically, and interpersonally. It utilizes tools and exercises like weekly and monthly feel-good lists, time management sections, gratitude journal prompts, a fold-out vision board, mind maps, habit trackers, and inspiring stickers. "If you're thinking about this journal, you're here for a reason. Dive in," one reviewer says. "You won't be disappointed."


25. This Brain-Monitoring Headband That Helps You Meditate And Sends Data To Your Phone

Gaiam Muse, $249, Amazon

Ever wonder just how effective your meditation practice is? Gaiam Muse is a wearable headset that both helps you reach that state of peace, and documents it once you get there. It measures whether your mind is calm or active and reflects it using nature sounds. The headband even has brainwave-sensing technology that syncs up to an app so you can review your data, set goals, and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice. "Completely worth every single penny," says one reviewer, while another writes, "The headband improved the quality of meditation immediately due to the real-time feedback."


26. This Relaxing Silk Eye Mask Filled With Real Aromatherapy Lavender Buds

Lavender Silk Eye Mask, $17, Amazon

Because it's filled with real lavender buds and flax seeds, this silk eye mask warms up in the microwave, cools down in the freezer, and lets off a calming lavender aroma. Its adjustable elastic band fits any size, and it can be used for all sorts of things including sleep, yoga, meditation, stress relief, relaxation, facial acupressure, and headache relief.


27. A Book That Highlights How A Non-Believing News Anchor Tamed The Voice In His Head With Meditation

10% Happier, $11, Amazon

If you have trouble taming the incessant voice in your head, or you often let it get the better of you, 10% Happier is a must-read book. It's by Dan Harris, a journalist who had a nationally televised panic attack and realized something had to give. His journey into mindfulness includes a disgraced pastor, a mysterious self-help guru, a gaggle of brain scientists, and the realization that his so-called "greatest asset" (his thinking mind) was also the source of all his stress and anxieties.


28. This Acupressure Mat Helps Induce A Meditative State And Lessen Pain

ProSource Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set, $20, Amazon

The benefits of this acupressure mat are based on the same core concepts as Acupuncture, but given you can do it at home, it's way less of a hassle. The thousands of tiny spikes stimulate pressure points along your energy pathways, which increases circulation and releases endorphins in the brain. The result is lessened back and neck pain, an easier time getting to sleep, and in some cases, a deep meditative state. It comes with a free neck roll, and reviewers say it's "surprisingly amazing" how well it works.


29. A Deck Of Cards That Helps The Anxious

Cards For Calm, $20, Amazon

This therapeutic game is meant for those who struggle with anxiety and negative thinking — it helps find new ways to deal with confrontation, encourages positive thinking, focuses your attention, and reduces stress. It can be played by one player or more, and contains a variety of question cards that work to pinpoint your underlying problems, along with answer cards that assist you in improving on those problems.


30. A Miracle Timer That Seriously Helps Those Who Struggle With Time Management

The Miracle Cube Timer, $14, Amazon

If you struggle with time management, you know how much your life could improve if you could master that timing. This Miracle Cube is more than a timer — it's a mindful way to keep track of reading, studying, brushing your teeth yoga, meditation, and other little tasks you tend to get lost within. Just set the timer down on a time, and the cube will go off when you're done. One reviewer credits this timer to his 4.0 average: "Studies prove that mental retention drops significantly after 25-30 minutes and continues to decline. However, in only 5 minutes of genuine break (actual fun, fresh air, etc) that removes the mind temporarily from the subject and receives endorphins from something the student 'actually' wants to do, is enough time for a complete mental recharge. This cube made such practice, practical."

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