These 'Bachelor' Alums Are Upping Their TikTok Game While Social Distancing
Mark Bourdillon/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Being stuck at home can be a real downer at times, especially when you're practicing social distancing. Luckily, the trusty internet is full of fun ways to help keep us all entertained, including celebrity TikTok videos. Reality stars in particular have taken to using the app rather frequently as a way to help pass the time during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, there are a number of Bachelor alums to follow on TikTok who will not only temporarily take your mind off of the outside world, but also give you a much needed dose of drama now that Peter's season of The Bachelor is over and the fate of Clare Crawley's Bachelorette season hangs in the air.

From Nick Viall and Demi Burnett to Wells Adams and Hannah Ann Sluss, several members of Bachelor Nation have found new and creative ways to express their daily lives through the use of TikTok videos. Then, of course, there's Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, who are self-quarantining together and using the app to spark some serious dating rumors about the two of them. Either the pandemic is bringing them closer together or they're just really enjoying messing with our minds.

So if you're in need of some extra entertainment, these Bach favorites deserve a rose for all of their social distancing antics.

Nick Viall

Going a little stir crazy? Former Bachelor Nick Viall feels your pain and is more than willing to talk out your feelings with you.

Demi Burnett

When it comes to being quarantined, Bachelor in Paradise standout Demi doesn't shy away from boredom — she embraces it, making her a pretty creative TikTok user.

Tyler Cameron

It took a global pandemic to make it happen, but it seems Tyler C. was finally able to get into Hannah B.'s pants after all. Literally.

Hannah Brown

Speaking of Hannah B., she's definitely getting the hang of TikTok, even reenacting the Parent Trap handshake with Matt James, aka Tyler C's BFF.

Madison Prewett

She may no longer be with Peter, but Madi is definitely enjoying spending some quality bonding time with her family — or as they call themselves on TikTok, the Prew Crew.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Peter's former fiancée definitely knows how to have a good time while staying in. Even after an exhausting day spent caring for a puppy, Hannah finds time to show off her quick cooking skills on TikTok.

Hannah Godwin

TFW you want your significant other to dance with you, but they just aren't having it. Bachelor in Paradise alum Hannah Godwin is extremely into TikTok these days, but her fiancé Dylan Barbour needs a little convincing.

Wells Adams

Wells has always had a knack for being super relatable, and his quarantine Netflix woes are no exception to that rule. We feel you, friend.

Katie Morton

While in self-isolation, Katie is reminding us that Bachelor alums also love The Office. Reality stars — they're just like us! Also, kudos to Katie for the excellent scene choice.