Here Are The Beauty Treatments We Want Holiday Gift Cards For This Year


If you’re anything like me, you carefully craft and curate your personal holiday wish list months in advance. It’s all about weighing the pros and cons of every line item and noting who would be the ideal gifter of which item. I also always have a few must-haves on the top of my mind for when my family inquires, because IMO, it's a real bummer when you receive a gift you just don't know what to do with. And it's even worse to be on the giving end of a present that falls flat. That's why, when my brother thoughtfully gave me a gift certificate for a massage a few years back, I declared that, moving forward, gift cards would be my go-to present for those special someones on my list.

In particular, a beauty gift card is the ultimate holiday indulgence. One: It’s a luxury recipients might not regularly splurge on for themselves. And two: Self-care is key, and in case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. There's nothing quite like the gift of relaxation to show someone how much you care. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Sephora (which offers impressive services like hydrating facials and customized makeovers) to bring you the top beauty gift cards we want this year. Bonus: The store also offers a 20-minute, personalized Holiday Gift Shopping Service that pairs you with a Sephora pro in-store if you have absolutely no idea where to start with your list. So go on, get gifting.

For The Makeup Lover


Makeup Application

A smoky eye? Contoured cheekbones? TBH, there are some beauty techniques that call for an expert. That’s why we’re totally on board with giving our friends a gift card to Sephora this holiday season. Not only can they treat themselves to professional primping, but they can also purchase the products their Beauty Advisor used to get the look. We’re especially eyeing Makeup Deluxe: The Full-Face Makeover, in which a Beauty Advisor spends an entire hour making sure every last makeup detail is on point. (The application is free with a $50 product purchase.) Best part? They’ll teach you secret tips and tricks so you can repeat the technique yourself for your next big night out.

For The Low-Key One


Mani/Pedi Combo

No matter the time of year, a gift card for a mani/pedi always comes in handy. Your loved one can put it to good use before a big date, important interview, or even as a pick-me-up after a rough week. If you know that gel or powder are their thing, opt to splurge on a more deluxe combo. Or, if they're more artistic, choose a salon known for its nail art. If you can swing it, go the extra mile and include tip so the outing is completely stress-fee (no pesky cash runs to the ATM needed). Actually, this tip goes for any service where gratuity is expected.

For The Skin-Care Obsessed



A healthy glow doesn't just happen, it's earned, and one way to get it is with a pampering facial. You can opt for what many spas call their signature facial, which usually includes a combination of products being slowly massaged onto the face and neck. Or, if you know your recipient is typically pressed for time, Sephora offers a Revitalizing Facial Powered by Perk, which exfoliates, hydrates, and nourishes skin in 30 minutes. Just give your loved one a Sephora gift card, and when they spend at least $75 on products, the facial is on the house.

For The Bombshell



There are few things more calming than sitting back and letting someone wash, condition, and blow dry your hair to perfection. And no matter how hard you try to recreate the look at home, it's hard to get it just right — which is why a gift certificate for a blowout will always (yes, always) be appreciated. Look for a place that has a menu of styles from pin straight to tumbling curls so your recipient can get the exact look they desire. If they're usually short on time, an at-home blowout will make the experience even more convenient... and they'll have no excuse not to use it.

For The Relaxation Seeker



For most of us on a budget, the only massage we even think about going for is the kind you get at the nail salon. But a full-body session is much better than that quick shoulder rub while your digits are drying. You can never go wrong with a Swedish massage; reserve deep tissue for someone you know is already a fan. And since a massage is all about the total experience, research salons that offer extras like hot stones, aromatherapy, and even a soothing cup of tea to round out a relaxing visit.

For The Glamour Girl


False Lashes & Lash Extensions

For the ladies who want a little extra oomph, false lashes and lash extensions open up a whole new world. If your recipient uses their Sephora gift card to purchase a set of falsies, they can take advantage of the store's Lash & Dash service, where a Beauty Advisor will measure, trim, and apply the lashes. And if you go the route of gifting a lash extension service, just keep in mind that your giftee will need to be comfortable sitting still for a few hours while each lash is meticulously placed, and the effects last 3 to 4 weeks before needing a fill-in.

This post is sponsored by Sephora.