How Producers Cast Reality Shows, According To 'Temptation Island' Host Mark Walberg

Mario Perez/USA Network

With four couples and 24 singles, USA's Temptation Island has plenty of room in its cast for reality TV hopefuls. But if you're interested in applying to Temptation Island, you'll have to hold on for the moment. Casting for Season 1, which premieres on Jan. 15 on USA, is already closed, and news about Season 2 has yet to be released.

According to a casting call published on Backstage.com, Temptation Island was looking for couples to join the cast of the current season up until August 2018. The listing is now expired, but it's possible that the network will use the same website to search for contestants if the show is renewed for another season.

Per the expired listing, roles on Temptation Island are paid, including airfare and accommodations on the island itself. The age range for contestants is also quite open-ended, as it says they'll take applicants between the ages of 21 and 75.

Another open application for Temptation Island appears on TICouples.CastingCrane.com. But while the page still appears to be active, it's not clear whether applications sent now will be considered for future seasons of Temptation Island.

What you can figure out while waiting for more news, however, is what kind of people the show is looking for. In an interview with Vulture, host Mark L. Walberg opened up about the different types of reality contestants he's seen in his years hosting, and which ones have what it takes to make good TV.

"First, there are the ones who just blab it all out," Walberg explained. "They're completely up front and out of the box. Honey Boo Boo is a perfect example. She's just this kid who is just authentic as the day is long and doesn't give a darn what you think about her. And that's ... the greatest thing a host can have."

He went to say that "people who love to hear themselves talk" also make for great contestants. "If they’re just gonna bullsh*t you the whole time, you want to let them go there," Walberg said, "because we can certainly cut and edit and show you against their truth — how they're trying to be one thing but they're really something else."

The kind of people they aren't looking for? Those "who are very bright and try to manage their perception," according to Walberg. "They figured out what the game is, they know what reaction we're hoping for, and by hook or crook, they're never gonna give you that reaction," he continued. "Those are crash and burn situations, and from a host standpoint, I find the best way to deal with it is to call out the truth. Just say, 'I think you’re lying.' And in that moment, they have the choice to either lie some more, or get angry, which is also good."

Temptation Island has yet to be renewed for more episodes, and it likely won't be until sometime after Season 1 finishes its run. After that, if you're still interested in trying your luck at finding love (or testing your relationship_ on Temptation Island, then make sure you've got your headshot — and your heart — ready to go.