Here's How I Create The Easiest Smoky Eye Ever

Shyema Azam

Most people love the idea of a smoky eye, but actually nailing it is a whole other story. Even as a seasoned beauty editor who's had years of practice, I can still recall so many times dipping into my dark shadows, armed with cotton swabs and eyeshadow brushes, only to end up looking more panda than glam. Fortunately, though, I've picked up a few key lessons since those unsuccessful attempts. They are that a) anyone can do a smoky eye with the right products, and b) it’s all about the dimension and blending. In partnership with bareMinerals, Creators of Clean Beauty, I’m breaking down exactly how I create a universally easy smoky look using the new BOUNCE & BLUR Eyeshadow Palettes from bareMinerals. And the easiest, most genius part of all? It's — surprise! — without any brushes.

Wait... Using Only Fingers?

The cool thing about the BOUNCE & BLUR Collection, which includes eyeshadows and blushes, is that it's in a league of its own when it comes to its breakthrough, clean formula. Think of a bouncy texture that’s somewhere between a cream and powder — one that blends out with just your fingertips. It feels buttery soft to the touch, and the eyeshadows apply smoothly without any annoying fallout (yes, even with the ones with glitter). For a regular commuter who spends most mornings on the train, knowing I can do my eye makeup without needing a brush is a serious game-changer.

My Smoky Step-By-Step

To start, I tap on a layer of Evening Star (a creamy beige from the Dusk Palette) all over my lids, brow bone, and inner corners using my ring finger. This makes a nice brightening base for my shadows. With my pinky, I then swipe Harvest Moon (a burnt amber) along my crease to create the illusion of more lid space — I apply two layers to intensify the color. The great thing about these shadows is that you can keep building to get the pigment you want. You can go from soft and subtle to saturated in just a few strokes.

Next, I tap on Sepia Sky (a dark brown) from my lash line just up to the start of my crease. This is where I start to add more dimension. I blend out the deep maroon Crimson Sunset shade at outer corner of the crease. And for extra drama, I go in with the darkest shades — Stormy Sky from the Dawn Palette and Purple Twilight from the Dusk Palette — right along my upper and lower lash lines. The more you blur the colors together, the more diffused the overall effect will be.

For a final pop of glimmering highlight, I add just a dab of Misty Morning (a soft glittery rose) from the Dawn Palette right in the center of my lid. Then I finish it off with black liner (I personally prefer a soft pencil), mascara, and voila! I've got an easy, perfectly blended smoky eye in no time.

This post is sponsored by bareMinerals.