Here's One Way To Bring More Attention To Female Artists


When you walk into one of the major museums or galleries anywhere in the world, you'll never be lacking in beautiful art to take in. Yet there's a good chance that you'll have to search a bit harder in those spaces to find art made by a woman. In fact, here's a shocking statistic: Today, 51 percent of visual artists are women — yet their work makes up less than five percent of permanent collections.

This needs to change. That’s why at Bustle, we’ve partnered with LIFEWTR, a premium bottled water company that's inspiring more widespread recognition for women in the arts, because what women have to say is far greater than five percent. To help bring more visibility to these perspectives out in the world, LIFEWTR built a gallery wall in the middle of New York City, displaying incredible work by diverse female artists — and passersby couldn't help but be drawn to their beautiful visuals and unique stories, as you can see in the inspiring LIFEWTR #ArtByAWoman video. The gallery drove home how diverse perspectives can empower future artists, and how important it is for everyone to make an effort to create more spaces for women's work to be seen.

LIFEWTR on YouTube

There's a long way to go to bring female artists the visibility they deserve, but here's a way to start: Share your art or the art of someone you support on Instagram using #ArtByAWoman. LIFEWTR has turned their entire account into a virtual Open Gallery For Women Artists, full of stunning work posted with the hashtag. So go ahead, share your art, tell your story, and help fill the world with #ArtByAWoman!

This article is sponsored by LIFEWTR.