Here's Trump Wearing An "I Heart Trucks" Pin While Talking About Trucks

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Thursday was a busy day on Capitol Hill. House Speaker Paul Ryan scrambled to rally support for the American Health Care Act. The Senate voted along party lines to overturn FCC privacy rules. And President Trump honked a great big truck horn while pretending to drive a great big truck on the White House Lawn. You know, as most presidents do. And in case you weren't convinced of Trump's affinity for big rigs by his enthusiastic fist pumps and facial expressions throughout the ordeal, his "I (Heart) Trucks" pin was there to set the record straight.

The president had the opportunity to live out this apparent fantasy of his after the Trump administration invited truckers and CEOs from American Trucking Associations to the White House to hear their thoughts on health care reform. The irony here is that while Trump was gleefully playing trucker, the AHCA was in dire risk of collapsing as Republicans struggled to gain the support needed to pass the bill through the House. Ultimately, the vote was postponed.

But in this moment, a moment of pure horn-honking bliss, none of this mattered. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. There was only a man and a truck, and they were together at last.

Of course, the love affair didn't end there. In a meeting with truckers from the American Truckers Associations, Trump discussed topics like health care, the trucking industry, and, you guessed it, trucks. His affection was on full display.

(In case we didn't mention this before, his pin literally says I [Heart] Trucks.)

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a field day with this, poking particular fun at Trump's animated facial expressions throughout his imaginary epic ride. Some saw the image of a diabolical-looking Trump behind the wheel of a massive 18-wheeler as an appropriate symbol for the current state of America.

Others praised the president's dance moves. Notice the undeniable stance of a pro AC/DC headbanger.

Yes, it was a busy day indeed on Capitol Hill. And while Trump escaped the labors of the afternoon by channeling his inner truck driver, he'll certainly have to face reality on Friday when the House convenes to vote on the AHCA — even though GOP leadership hasn't confirmed the votes to pass it. Whatever happens, Trump will likely need some moral support, or at least a stress-reliever, to get him through the contentious vote. He can only hope a truck will be nearby.