Here's What Brunch Looks Like In Different Cities Around The World

Anyone who’s ever spent a Saturday sipping mimosas and noshing on Eggs Benedict knows that people are hard-core about brunch. And what’s not to love? It’s a rich breakfast/lunch mashup in the middle of the day, often with booze. DELIGHTFUL. What brunch looks like in different cities around the world varies widely, from giant plates of eggs and sausage (London) to colorful and fresh acai bowls (Rio de Janeiro), but brunch tends to have one defining feature, no matter where you are: It’s the definition of “indulgent.”

You’re probably already well-versed in the brunch standards of the United States; variations of Eggs Benedict, French toast, bagels, and smoked salmon are bound to show up on most weekend menus. But what about ful medames, a spicy dip made of broadbeans and served with pitas, a common dish in Cairo? Or “oeufs en cocotte au saumon fume,” a bake of eggs, crème fraiche, and smoked salmon that’s popular in Paris? Or if drinks are more your speed, why not trade in your Bloody Mary for a michelada, a Mexican cocktail combining beer, lime, chili, Tabasco sauce, and Worcester sauce? The world of brunch is a glorious tapestry, my friends.

Travel website created a handy infographic of brunch faves from around the world, so that you can brunch in style no matter where you are. Check out these international brunch delicacies:

Hungry yet? (I'm drooling.)