What 'Love Actually's Octopus Boy Looks Like Now

Universal Pictures

Ever since it was announced that there would be a mini-Love Actually reunion for Red Nose Day, fans of the beloved 2003 film have been ecstatic to see the slew of actors once again portray their memorable characters. Sadly, there is one character who isn't involved, Octopus Boy aka Keith. As sad as that is, there is some news that kind of makes up for his lack of appearance. A photo of what Love Actually's Octopus Boy looks like now is circulating on the internet. I told you it was great news.

You can thank actor Kathy Burke (Elizabeth, Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy) for tweeting the image of him. Apparently, Octopus Boy (Billy Campbell) is her godson. Alongside a screenshot of him from the film, she also shared what appears to be a recent image of Campbell. "Want to feel old?" she captioned it. "Here's what octopus boy aka my godson, Bill looks like now."

For those who don't recall Campbell's epic Love Actually role, allow me to refresh your memory. Not only was he part of the school nativity play and dressed in an octopus costume ("8 is a lot of legs, David!"), but he's part of one of the many hilarious scenes in the movie. "Natalie's Octopus brother" sits between the Prime Minister and Natalie in a car on the way to the play. It takes literally two seconds to get there, because it's "just around the corner," and before David and Natalie can reconcile, Octopus Boy yells, "We're here!" Classic. He then awkwardly tries to crawl over David with all of his 8 legs (10, if you really think about it) to get out of the car. Even Natalie smirks, because she knows just how funny the whole thing looks.

There's a definite resemblance between Octopus Boy and the photo Burke posted. Of course, he's just a lot more grown up now. Other than this photo, there sadly doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there about Campbell and what he's been up to since his octopus costume wearing days. However, it looks like he's on Facebook, so you can check out a few more pictures of him there. His Facebook also lists him as a London resident and that's it. As for whether or not he went to school, if he has a non-acting related career, or is still acting, that I cannot tell you.

Until Campbell gives a post-Love Actually interview about his current life, the above photo will have to suffice. Hey, it's better than nothing.