What The ‘True Love Or True Lies’ Cast Do — And Don’t — Reveal On Instagram


MTV's True Love or True Lies is back for a second season, and it's got a brand new host. Well, two, to be precise. Season one presenter Maya Jama has stepped aside for TV royalty in the form of Dani and Danny Dyer. The father-and-daughter duo will be taking over your TV screens for the next couple of weeks in a bid to find out which couples are real and which are faking it for a cash prize. If you want to be prepared, here's how to follow the True Love or True Lies contestants on Instagram.

Eight couples are scheduled to enter the Malta-based mansion. They will have to compete for the prize by proving their "realness". (Spoiler: not all of the couples are couples IRL. It's up to the other contestants, and viewers, to figure out who's lying.) When a couple is voted out of the mansion, their true status will be revealed. If contestants successfully voted out a fake duo, their prize fund increases by another £10,000, per Digital Spy.

Almost all of the contestants have Instagram accounts (the only two who don't appear to have social media are Shadia and Alice), but very few feature photos of their partners (IRL or fake), making it even harder to detect who's telling the truth.

Here's all the username details and insider info you need before watching.



23-year-old Bernadette is in a couple with Declan. They have apparently been together for a year-and-a-half. Bernadette had her leg amputated in 2018 due to a cancer diagnosis and learned to walk using a prosthetic leg in just 10 days. She is now signed as a model, reports the Belfast Telegraph. You can follow Bernadette on Instagram at @bernadettehagans.



Declan is Bernadette's partner. Also based in Belfast, he says he knew Bernadette was the one for him when she told him she was going to lose her leg. Since then, the couple have gone from "strength to strength." You can follow Declan on Instagram at @declan_bingham.



Emily has only been with Kory for a few months, but the Australian pair both have reality TV experience. Back in 2013, she won Australia's version of Beauty and the Geek. You can follow Emily on Instagram at @emilycraig__.



Emily's boyfriend, Kory, appeared on Love Island Australia in 2018. (He arrived a few weeks in and only lasted a few days.) Still, it should prepare him for this experience. You can follow Kory on Instagram at kory_grant12.



Timothie is a non-binary drag artist and DJ, formally known as Grace Shush. They met their partner, Mahatma, on the scene. You can follow Timothie on Instagram at @thegraceshush.



Mahatma, also known as Mahatma Khandi, is a drag artist as well as a stylist and had never been in a relationship before meeting Timothie. The couple want to win as they believe they are "what society says shouldn't be a relationship: a gender-fluid, trans non-binary, plus-size, inter-racial, pansexual couple." You can follow Mahatma on Instagram at @mahatmakhandi.



25 years old and from Margate, Parisa made it to the final of The X Factor in 2014 as part of band Only The Young. Now, she is a solo artist and is in a relationship with 21-year-old Poppy. You can follow Parisa on Instagram at @parisatarj.



Nottingham-based Poppy met Parisa after they slid into each other's DMs. According to the couple, a lot of people don't believe they are together. You can follow Poppy on Instagram at @poppymoran.



Chloe and partner Charlie's friendship didn't begin in the most romantic of ways. (They met in the toilets of a Glaswegian club.) But the pair's relationship soon blossomed into a romantic one. You can follow Chloe on Instagram at @_chloenicoll.



Charlie is Chloe's partner. After meeting Chloe in Glasgow, he transitioned from female to male. The couple first kissed at Chloe's birthday party last year. You can follow Charlie on Instagram at @charlieallan164.



Based in Scotland, Ryan is a personal trainer and fitness model. He and partner Scott have been together for six years after meeting at school and reuniting at a local gym. You can follow Ryan on Instagram at @ryan_yule.



Bodybuilder and fellow fitness model Scott received plenty of weightlifting advice from his partner. Ryan also supported Scott when he came out, strengthening their relationship. You can follow Scott on Instagram at @scott_hastings_fit.



Jack has been with Eliza for over a year. The Essex-based couple admit to not getting on all of the time, but Jack believes this makes them "real". You can follow Jack on Instagram at @jackwilliamharrington.



According to her Instagram, Eliza is a professional dancer. If she and Jack win the show, she hopes to "buy loads of clothes" as well as travel the world and invest in a house. You can follow Eliza on Instagram at @elizasimonelli.


True Love or True Lies airs on MTV on Oct. 21 at 9 p.m.