Here's What's Leaving Netflix In January 2017 So You Don't Miss The Classics

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Before that ball drops, you're going to have a lot to watch. That's because Netflix has revealed what's leaving in January 2017. While 2016 has certainly been tough, you can end the year on the right foot by checking out these movies and TV shows before it's too late.

There are high school comedies that will help you graduate into the new year with a laugh. There are horror movies that will scare you straight for 2017. There are also a few reality shows that can help you escape from your own reality. Don't be surprised if they make you hungry, or make you want to buy an old house.

The clock is definitely winding down on this year, so watch them all before they disappear. Don't worry about what you'll be saying goodbye, though. Netflix has you covered with a whole new batch of movies and TV shows that are coming in January 2017. So, out with old, in with new, and get ready to spend the next few weeks marathoning up a storm.

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