Here's What's Leaving Netflix In November 2016, So Say Your Tearful Goodbyes

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Just when you were learning to trust again, starting to believe that these movies would be there for you whenever you needed an excuse to stay in on a Friday night, you find yourself confronting a list of everything that's leaving Netflix in November. It's tough, and I know that, but, like any relationship worth having, there's some give and take with Netflix. Anytime they take something we love, there's a chance they could add something that's even nearer and dearer to our hearts. So try to smile through your tears.

I'm preparing you because there are some real doozies this month, movies and shows that you may have never dreamed you might have to live without. I'm talking classics like Legally Blonde and The Holiday, you guys. This is no joke. But one thing that's great about your relationship with Netflix, vs your relationship with that boy from college who was emotionally distant for no reason, is that Netflix gives you warning before it's about to whisk something away forever, instead of just ghosting you.

So let's say our goodbyes to these shows and movies, which will be have vanished from Netflix come the end of November. They shall be missed.

(Unless otherwise noted, all items are being pulled on Nov. 1.)

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