See Where This Fashion Entrepreneur Gets Her Inspiration


How many times have you sat at your desk, daydreaming about all the fictitious side projects you'd love to start? And how many of them actually came to be? Multi-hyphenate Coco Bassey was there, too...until she decided to do something about those fantasies and make them happen for real. So although she still spends her days in the corporate marketing world, when she's off the clock, she's busy fulfilling her passion project: the fashion blog, Millennielle.

In partnership with Sally Hansen, we got a peek inside Bassey's self-made world of color, texture, and creativity. One thing's clear: She's always on the go. If she's getting inspiration for her outfits, she's doing it by traveling all over the world. And if she's painting her nails an of-the-moment shade with Sally Hansen's long-lasting Insta-Dri polish, she's only waiting its 60-second dry time before she's up and running again. Wherever she is, Bassey is creating and transforming herself into a work of art. "Clothing is the paint," she says, "and we're the canvas." Check out the video below to see her full story and get inspired, too.

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Director: Ted Passon; DP: Paul Hinson; Producers: Shannon Sun-Higginson & James Doolittle; Stylist: Coco Bassey; Branded Producers: Nell Riley/Bustle & Natalie Campbell/Bustle.