The GHD Glide Is Back & Here's How To Get Your Hands On It

by Sophie McEvoy

GHD rocked the hair styling world earlier this year with their latest hot brush, the GHD Glide. Initially launched in February, unsurprisingly the styling tool sold out pretty much immediately. But as Marie Claire reports, the Glide is set to return to shelves this summer, and this time it’s permanent. So, if you’re in the market for something to tame unruly hair, here’s where to buy the GHD Glide in the UK. Fair warning — once this becomes available, it’s gonna sell out pretty quick so make sure you’re ready.

At the moment, GHD’s official site is listing the product as being available for pre-order for delivery on July 30, priced at £139. If you want your product early, this seems to be your best bet as according to Marie Claire, the Glide will be “readily available” on August 1. At the moment, there aren’t really that many retailers selling the product, but there are two major outlets in the UK where you’ll be able to purchase the GHD Glide. John Lewis & Partners currently have the item priced a little bit cheaper at £125, but it’s out of stock and not available for pre-order. Selfridges also have the product on their site, but there’s no price attached, and like John Lewis, it’s also not in stock.

The same goes for retailer Beauty Cutie, which also has the Glide priced at £125. And if you’re prepared to pay extra in tax, the Glide is available via Nordstrom for £157.68 (£143.22 without tax) with free shipping from the States.


But before you start to contemplate placing an order, you’ll probably want some more info about this hair-saving tool. Well, according to GHD, the Glide will become your best friend for styling second-day hair. “GHD’s very first professional hot brush, it quickly and effortlessly tames your tresses, leaving you with more time to do the things you love — like sleeping,” Selfridges details on their site. “The ceramic technology with ioniser heats the brush to the optimum styling temperature of 185 [degrees] and consistently keeps it there — ensuring a frizz-free finish every time.”

So, whether you need to tame some frizz or spruce up your style, the Glide will definitely be your go-to. Speaking about the Glide, GHD UK ambassador Zoe Irwin wrote on their official site:

“GHD Glide restores the look of a salon blow-dry in seconds. It’s wonderful for soft volume, beautiful sleek styling and I adore it for fringes too. Its beautiful simplicity makes it an incredible styling tool. Simply glide the brush through your hair to smooth waves and create sleekness with an airy texture. GHD Glide is incredible for shaping your hair into a modern style really simply and quickly.”

Circle July 30 and August 1 in your calendars, because if you want the Glide ASAP you’re gonna have to be speedy. But even if you don't manage to get your hands on it straight away, you can be safe in the knowledge that this time the Glide is here to stay.