Where To See 'Life-Size' Again Before The Sequel

In 2000, your favorite America's Next Top Model host got to play one of her most iconic roles, as a doll who comes to life and helps baby Lindsay Lohan adjust to life without her mother. So, if you were exhilarated to learn that a second installment is coming up, you might want to know where to watch Life-Size before the sequel. After all, if you watched it the year it came out, that was almost two decades ago, and your memory could use a little refreshing.

I mean, while you may not be Freeform's target audience for the second film, you're certainly not intending to skip Life-Size 2. For one thing, the original premise was everything, and, for a second thing, none other than Tyra Banks will be reprising her role as Eve. This time round, she's also serving as the movie's Executive Producer, which makes sense, given that her character was the emotional heart of the first movie (remember the sheer joy that flitted across her face as she smelt those flowers for the first time?).

So let me break some anxiety-inducing news: you're going to have to forget URL and opt for IRL this film round, okay?

The DVD for the Lohan movie is available for purchase for $7.99 at the time of writing on Amazon and for the same price at Best Buy, but, if you're a member of DVD.com (the Netflix-owned company), you can rent out the 2000 Disney Channel movie there, too, for no additional cost.

I know it sucks that you can't see it online, but, hey, when you think about it, an actual physical DVD is the most authentic way to view this movie. After all, back in the '00s, your DVD collection was so tall you were in danger of being buried in a disc avalanche every time you ventured too close to that stack.

So, enjoy the legendary doll movie exactly how you would have back in the day (if, y'know, it hadn't aired on The Disney Channel). It's what Eve would have wanted.