You Need To Start Paying Attention To Cindy Crawford's Skincare Brand

It's never too early to develop a solid skincare routine. Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty skincare line promotes that fact and the 13-year-old brand is getting a modernizing makeover because it's time for an update and to reach a new customer base. Here's why you should care about the Meaningful Beauty refresh.

The Meaningful Beauty revamp includes new packaging, products, and formulations. According to Women's Wear Daily, the company is aiming to reach millennials with its offerings.

WWD reports that Meaningful Beauty will add four new products and one of the daily moisturizers will have a filter to further protect precious skin from environmental pollutants as well as the damage that is caused by infrared and blue lights emitted by our ever-present cell phones, computer monitors, and television screens.

Since millennials are pretty much born with mobile devices in their hands, a skincare line that combats damage caused by said devices is brilliant and essential. If you start using it sooner than later, you'll be so ahead of the game.

The brand also posted an Instagram photo boasting a quote from Crawford, who is as gorgeous as ever, about how caring for your skin is essential and that it's never too early (or late) to formulate a routine.

#Truth. One can't help but wonder if Crawford's supermodel-in-training daughter Kaia Gerber will be the next face of MB!

Here is the classic Meaningful Beauty packaging. It's nice, if a bit nondescript. I am looking forward to seeing the new look, which WWD says will launch next month. Could millennial pink bottles be in our future?

D Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Generations of gorgeous!

No matter your age, you can devise and commit to to a meaningful skincare routine now.