"High Herstory" Is The Feminist, 420-Friendly "Drunk History"

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

If you’ve ever watched Drunk History and thought, “I love this, but I wish it had a greater focus on female perspectives… and also more pot,” then today is your new favorite day. Take a gander at High Herstory, a webseries in which women tell the stories of fascinating ladies of history, while they happen to be very, very high. These stoned retellings might not be the most accurate or coherent, but they are funny AF.

Created by Digby Media, High Herstory so far has three episodes. If you’re familiar with Drunk History, you already know the setup: The narrator gets super high (each video starts with a note that it was filmed in a state where marijuana is legal), and then she stumbles through telling the story of a notable historical figure, while performers act it out.

The first video starts with Katharine Dexter McCormick, who was, in the words of the narrator, “a philanthropist, a women’s rights leader, a biologist, and she single handedly funded every dollar necessary for the birth control pill.” (This is a surprisingly succinct and accurate description of McCormick, given that the high storyteller struggled to even remember McCormick’s first name at the beginning of the video… and also got a bit lost partway through in a discussion of women’s hats.)

Another video focuses on Mary MacLane, a popular writer born in the 1880s who wrote a bestselling memoir in which she was shockingly open about her thoughts and sexual desires. She also went on to star in a silent film about her many love affairs.

The narrator of this video says of MacLane, “She changed literary perception, and she changed thoughts about who women were, and she kind of said that I could lust after the Devil if I wanted to because I am like a heathen and that’s fine, ‘cause this is America.”

I kinda thought this whole thing about MacLane lusting after the Devil was just the pot talking, but NO IT IS TRUE. She sounds FASCINATING.

Next comes a video about Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist who wrote the SCUM Manifesto and, er, also shot Andy Warhol. Oops.

Check out more about High Herstory on the series’ YouTube channel.