Hilary Duff Keeps Getting Tattooed & You Have To See Her New Ink

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While they may be invisible from afar, tiny tattoos are taking over Instagram. As more dainty tattoos ideas sprout on the web as tattoo inspo, even celebrities are hooked. Hilary Duff just got two tiny tattoos, and even some of the biggest stars can’t get enough of the small tattoo trends.

The Younger actor has been known to get into pea-sized tattoos, but this time, Duff was ambitious enough to shoot for two in one day. Seeking out celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who’s known for very minimalist tattoos, tatted two cute masterpieces on Duff.

Winter posted one of the tattoos onto his Instagram page which many tiny tattoo fans may know as winterstone. Drawn on Duff is a small sketch of a lined and dotted image of a sun on the actor’s right wrist, and it’s definitely something to add to your “saved” lists. The artist captioned the photo with “SUN for a bright star.”

Duff didn’t stop there with her tattoo spree. The singer also posted another image of a minimalist star tattoo, which she had placed on the back of her elbow. Duff credited winterstone again with the caption “Also got this sassy friend.”

These tattoo designs are simple, but also super adorable for your next tattoo idea.

Hillary hasn't explained the meaning behind these sweet lil baby tattoos, but you don't always need a reason to carry a minimalist masterpiece on your arm.

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While Duff isn't one for big tattoos, she's got a tribe of smaller tattoos around her arms and legs. Regardless of each one's size, though, the meaning behind them is significant.

In 2018, Duff explained the meaning behind her Bette Davis-inspired tattoo that reads "take fountain" in an Refinery 29 interview. Duff mentioned that for herself, there's no main road to attaining opportunities in the entertainment business.

"People ask me all the time, 'what kind of advice do you have for young actors', but there is no one thing, there's no one formula, so for [Bette Davis] to say, 'Take Fountain [Avenue]' — it's brilliant."

The Younger star shared on the Ellen Show that she had a bunch of tattoos, including a BK tattoo in honor of where the show is filmed. The star also has a little bird drawing, the name of her son, Luca, the phrase "thick as thieves," which she shares with her older sister Haley Duff, two roses and the list goes on.

Duff also opened up on the show about her love-hate relationship with tattoos when she still had only 12 of them and why she prefers the tiny minimalist aesthetic on the inside of her arms.

"I think that part of me loves tattoos and part of me doesn't want the full commitment of getting to see them all the time," Duff said. "So, when my arms are down, I look like a normie, when my arms are out, I look super hard core."

Hilary Duff is one person to look to who's good at creating a lot of small meaningful tattoos just to make herself look like she's ready to kick butt at any given moment. That's a vibe.