This New Hairspray Lets You Choose Between 3 Different Holds In One Bottle

Whenever you find a beauty product that double tasks, it's always a small miracle. Whether you have a small bathroom that doesn't allow for crammed shelves of hairsprays and highlighter palettes, or if you like to travel a lot and don't want to be weighed down by your beauty bag, it's always amazing when you find products that work double duty for you. And that's exactly what the new Design.Me "Hold.ME" Three Way hairspray does: it brings three different holds of hairspray into one bottle.

I know what you must be thinking: "What kind of witchcraft is this? How can one bottle possibly have three different kinds of holds?" Well, it all has to do with the nozzle. With just a little twist, you can modify the hold from light, medium, and strong. Which means you won't need to throw three different bottles into your overnight bag or cram them underneath your bathroom sink — you can just consolidate them all into one spray bottle.

Hold.ME is a flake-free, vegan and cruelty-free formula that not only gives you shine and hold, but also offers UV protection from your hair straightners and curling wands. With a twist of the nozzle, you can create three different levels of hairstyles.

Hold.ME Three Ways, $22, Design.ME

The first twist, or the "light spray," is your hair prep hairspray. It can be used for creating beachy waves, taming flyaways, or locking in your hair after blow drying. It's a light mist that will give you a flexible hold.

The second twist is the "medium hold spray," which is great to use for setting your hair. Use it when you want to sleek down or flatten your hair, when you're doing style shaping, or when you want to prep your hair before curling.

The last setting is the "high spray," or your final setting spray. This is what you would need to set updos and braids, to hold in tight curls, or creat slick and wet looks.

For $22 a bottle, it's a mid-range hair product, but when you consider you're really getting three sprays in one, it's worth the price. You can get it at Design.ME's site, and there is free shipping for anywhere in the US.

There's already a lot of hype around the product: when Design.ME dropped a sneak peek on their Instagram, followers flooded the comments with peach emojis (thanks to the adorable peach can) and expressed their excitement.

"Can’t wait to get my hands on this!" one person wrote. "I want five lol soooo excited," another enthused.

But that's not all. If you're looking to update your hair arsenal, the brand also has a bevvy of great hair products that tackle all sorts of different problems.

The Puff.ME spray, for example, is a volumizing powder that not only gives you odorless and mess-free volume (no weird spray smells,) but also adds texture to your hair for updos and braids. There's also a Puff.Me Light spray made especially for people with thin hair, in order to help boost any stubbornly limp strands.

Fab.ME is perfect for people struggling with hair damage, as the leave-in treatment brings youth back into your strands. It does a bevvy of things, where it offers color fade protection, smooths split ends, prevents future breakage, protects from heat and environmental damage, and helps rebuild your hair's natural protective layer. (Side note: I own this, and my crunchy, bleached hair always looks and feels way better after an application.)

Then there's PowerDry.ME, which is a spray you put on your wet hair to help you blow dry it twice as fast. For those who are impatient when it comes to doing their hair, this is a godsend.

Whether you just try out Hold.ME or nip some of these other products into your cart, too, they're all great additions to any beauty arsenal.