HomeGoods Launched An Entire Halloween Line For Wine Lovers

by Lia Beck
Courtesy of HomeGoods/Remixed by Bustle

Wine lovers probably want an excuse to get new wine glasses. HomeGoods lovers probably want an excuse to get literally any piece of seasonally themed home decor. So, it works out perfectly that HomeGoods is selling Halloween wine glasses this year, and that there's a pretty wide selection from traditionally spooky to generally magical-looking.

Is wine a drink that is generally associated with Halloween? No. But it is associated with fall (and, like, every other season), so cozying up on the sofa with some nice (or cheap) red wine in a glass that has a dachshund dressed like a witch on it and watching a Halloween movie sounds pretty dang nice.

While HomeGoods has locations around the country, there is no online shop, so you'll have to check out your local store if you want one of the wine glasses below. And those who are HomeGoods fans know that's part of the appeal. You have to look through aisles and aisle and shelves and shelves of dishtowels, stationary, picture frames, and pillows that say "family" on them to find a good deal that suits you. Best of luck in your mission to find a Halloween wine glass this year, and best of luck in not buying ten candles you don't need.

"I'm Here For The Boos" Wine Glass


First up we have the "I'm here for the boos" wine glass featuring a ghost that showed up to the party to get tipsy and/or find a boo and/or scare people. $4.99 each.

Melamine Spider Wine Glass


This stemless spider wine glass is made out of melamine rather than glass, meaning it would work well for a Halloween party where you're worried about things getting broken. Or for just a regular night at home when you're worried about things getting broken. $2.99 each.

Radiance White Pearl Stemless Flutes


This pack of four stemless champagne flutes are included in HomeGoods' Halloween-themed glass collection, but they aren't so clearly related to the holiday like some of the others. That's probably a good thing for a lot of people. They're sort of mystical-looking, but still pretty for using or displaying any time of year. $12.99 for four.

Wiener Dog Wine Glass


And now here's one that is undeniably for Halloween. But, one could argue, so cute that it can still be used whenever you want. Who doesn't want to see a cute witch dog while drinking wine, even if it's April. $3.99 each.

Stemless Skeleton Hand Wine Glass


Oooh spooky. Get ready to hold hands with a skeleton while you drink from this glass. $7.99 each.

Black Skeleton Wine Glasses


This has to be the funniest one on the list. A skeleton holding up your glass of wine like he's Atlas. $7.99 each.

These are just some of the Halloween wine glasses that HomeGoods will have available this year, but you'll have to browse yourself to find them and to find the others ones. If you make it out with that skeleton holding the wine one, count yourself lucky.