This Trend is The New Choker & You're Gonna Be Obsessed

by Gabrielle Prescod
Mauricio Santana/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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Now that everyone has a choker in Every. Possible. Variation. I think it's safe to say the trend has reached its peak. Even if you still love your trusty choker, it might be time to start playing with the newest ubiquitous accessory trend: hoop earrings. Hoop earrings were definitely a thing when we were in school, but they're back again in a big way. Literally. Brands like Area and Y/Project were among the first to debut huge hoop earrings on the runway last season and since then the trend has caught fire. People can't get enough of the hoop, and with celebrities like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner rocking them, it's hard to ignore that they're absolutely the next choker.

Admittedly, some of these XL hoops might not be your jam for every day — those Y/Project spirals are no joke — but, luckily, hoops come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can complete literally any outfit. Whether its super sized, doubled, thick, thin, tiny, or abstract, these are 11 of the best hoops to buy so you've got the trend down no matter what.


Pave Cheekbone Hoops, $165, Fallon

These Fallon earrings aren't your average hoop. They lay flat against your cheekbones to add a little something extra and accentuate your highlight.


Katrina Hoop Earrings, $18, Shopbop

These are the perfect itty bitties to wear everyday but still stay on trend. The rose gold goes with everything.


Rhinestone Square Hoop Earrings, $285, Area

Area is one of the OGs responsible for making hoops a thing again. These babies help you channel your inner Rihanna. Always be Rihanna.


Extra Large Thin Hoops, $65, The M Jewelers

One of my main concerns about wearing hoops is the weight. I'm terrified of stretching out my earring hole, so I always try to find lighter earrings to wear. These extra large hoops from M Jewelers provide you with all of the glory of a huge earring with none of the weight.


Hoop Earring Jacket and Sphere Stud Earring, $353, The Last Line

The best thing about The Last Line is that all the pieces can be worn interchangeably. Designer Shelley Gibbs Sanders really thought about her customer when she designed the collection. All you need is one earring and it can be worn in so many different ways: This one can be worn as the hoop and stud or just the stud. You also have the option of swapping out the stud for another one, like a diamond for when you're feeling flashy.


Amos Hoops, $40, Saks

Sometimes less is more and the simplicity of these Jules Smith hoops is magic. These are actually doing the least in the best way possible.


Lollypops Earrings, $125, UNOde50

An unexpected shape is a great way to give hoops your own spin. These from UNOde50 are perfect for being a little off, but still on trend.


Taner Mini Hoop Earrings, $40, Revolve

If you have multiple piercings, these are perfect for a second or third hole so you can create a layering effect.


Small Saturne Earrings, $450, Nordstrom

For when you can't decide between silver or gold and you can't figure out if you want to go big or stay small. These Charlotte Chesnais's are the solution to all those problems in one earring.


Silver Tone Earrings, $30.55, The Outnet

A twisted shape give this silver pair of hoops some dimension and are great as a statement accessory for any outfit.


Sphere-end Hoop Earrings, $440, Matches

These J.W. Anderson hoops are an unconventional take on a hoop and extremely versatile. They are a great investment for going that extra mile and elevating any look you have. Wear with a t-shirt and jeans or an evening look. Either way, you can't go wrong.


Medium Molly Hoops, $95, Revolve

A slightly thicker material really helps make the earrings stand out and draw attention. These are great for a bolder look for when you're not into being a wallflower.


Antique Gold Hoop Earrings, $19.50, J. Crew

These are the perfect pair of everyday hoops that are appropriate for the office and running errands but can also perfectly accessorize an look for a night out.