Hot Topic Launched A ‘Beetlejuice’ Collection Just In Time For Halloween

by Mia Mercado

Spooky season is upon us, my friends! To help get you feeling super scary, extra eerie, more macabre — I could go on, but I won’t. OK, one more: furtherly frightening— Hot Topic has released a Beetlejuice collection that will speak to your ooky, spooky soul.

If you think Hot Topic is merely a place to relive your emo high school days...well, I suppose this collection doesn’t prove you wrong. The new range has over 60 different Beetlejuice-themed pieces to choose from. You can wear your love of the film on your sleeve with a Beetlejuice shirt. There’s a “Lydia Deetz-approved” camera locket if you want your jewelry to be strange and unusual. The Handbook for the Dead and Deceased crossbody bag says, “I am committed both to fashion and also cult classic films.” Heck, why not commit and get the full Sandworm Union Suit, a hooded onesie the provides the perfect uniform for rewatching Beetlejuice all autumn long. Oh, also there’s a Beetlejuice costume for your dog, complete with a wig. This is idea for Halloween, costume parties, your random Tuesday evening when all you want to do is sit back, relax, and make your dog wear clothes.

In addition to the range of clothing and accessories, Hot Topic’s Beetlejuice collection has a number of home and lifestyle goods that will let you live your spooky life to its fullest. Also, a handful of items are currently on sale! You'll want to get your grubby little wallet on ASAP.

Without further ado, here are seven to get your own Beetlejuice collection started or to add to your already growing shrine to the film.

Handbook For The Recently Deceased Lunch Bag

This Beetlejuice lunch bag is chic! It’s cute! Most of all, it’s the perfect way to creep out coworkers who have never seen the movie.

Full/Queen Comforter

Beetlejuice bedsheets! Beetlejuice bedsheets! Beetlejuice bedsheets! I’m hoping if I say it three times, these will simply appear in my bedroom. Also, this comforter is reversible so you can decide if, each evening, you are feeling more sandworms, skulls and spirals or the giant picture of Beetlejuice.

Handbook For The Recently Deceased Pillow

“In case of a nap emergency, draw a refrigerator door and knock three times…” the product description reads. Why not go full death and turn your home into a beautiful mortuary?

Hardcover Journal

In this journal featuring the Beetlejuice movie poster, you can write down your deepest, darkest secrets and address them to Beetlejuice himself. For example: “Dear Betelgeuse, I only recently realized you are played not by Christopher Lloyd but by Michael Keaton. Please don’t tell anyone. Write back soon!

Sticky Note Set

Ding dong, hello, it is back to school time. What better way to ring in the new school year than with Beetlejuice sticky notes that are colorful and creepy. Just as the spooky gods intended. They are also ideal, as the product states, if you “need to remind yourself to call the bio-exorcist.”

Beetlejuice and Sandworm Flask

You needn’t a Google search to know there are most certainly Beetlejuice drinking games that exist in the world. (OK, I Googled it for you. Here’s a drinking game that will get you tipsy within the first few scenes.) This Beetlejuice flask is the perfect accoutrement to such a drinking game. As Betelgeuse would say, “Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.”

Handbook For The Recently Deceased Note Card Set

“If you write his name three times, will he show up?” the product description asks. Find out for yourself with this Beetlejuice-themed note card set. The stationery set comes with 20 blank note cards, 20 envelopes, 20 sticker seals, a pocket journal, and a “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” keepsake box. Even your reminders to yourself with be decked out in Beetlejuice.